Frisbee frenzy aims to throw a winner for peace

There are any number of special activities and groups working to bring peace to the troubled Middle East, but now, for the first time, Tel Aviv is introducing "Frisbees for Peace," reports In a major event to be held at Ganei Yehoshua from April 1 to 5, the city will bring Jewish and Palestinian youths together with national and international champions in a friendly frisbee frenzy called "Ultimate Peace," a name based on the sport of "Ultimate Frisbee," in which groups play off against each other in the style of American football. According to the report, the event is being held in cooperation with the Peres Center for Peace and the city's sports department, and has the stated aim of bringing about change among youth through the sport of frisbee, which is based on tolerance, friendliness and fairness. The report said 12 groups of Israeli and Palestinian youths would take part in frisbee workshops, display games and Ultimate Frisbee tournaments with American champions who are coming to Israel specially for the event. On the last day, the leaders will visit Israeli peripheral towns and the Palestinian territories. There will also be events for the general public and a carnival atmosphere. Israeli champion Dori Yaniv, one of the initiators of the event, said there was a "natural connection" between sport and education, and that frisbee was possibly the best sport of all to imbue social values. "The idea behind Ultimate Peace was born as a result of my daily work with youth and adults in the field of frisbee," Yaniv said. "For years I have been giving frisbee workshops to a varied audience... and I see the positive influence this sport has on communication, unity and understanding between people."