Grapevine: Riding high

Gali Ashkenazi and her horse Olympia Z came first in the show jumping contest, skimming over a 1.10 meter hurdle.

  •   WEARING CIVILIAN clothes instead of his army uniform, Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen Gabi Ashkenazi last weekend gave priority to his role as proud and encouraging father to his equestrian daughter Gali Ashkenazi, 25, in the National Horse Riding Championships held at the Kfar Hayarok youth village in Ramat Hasharon. Competing against some 100 rivals, Gali Ashkenazi and her horse Olympia Z came first in the show jumping contest, skimming over a 1.10 meter hurdle, and ranked second in the overall competitions.
  •   ONE OF the places that Japanese Ambassador Haruhisa Takeuchi enjoys is Haifa's Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art. The ambassador will be heading in that direction yet again this coming Saturday night, May 29, when the Museum will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Also attending will be Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav, relatives of Felix Tikotin, the Museum’s founder, and guests from Japan, Holland and Israel. As part of the Jubilee celebrations there will also be a Japanese drumming performance.
  •   THE ZIONIST leader who is usually the subject of discussion at the Jabotinsky Institute is of course Jabotinsky – even when a lecture evening is devoted to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Zionist visionary Theodor Herzl.  It just so happens that this is the 130th anniversary year of the birth of Jabotinsky – so what's a round number between friends? The upshot is three lectures by Prof. Shlomo Harmati, Dr. Yitzhak Weiss, and Yaacov Gross who will speak respectively on “Zionist leaders and the Hebrew language”; “The Jewish Soul of Herzl”; and “Herzl and Jabotinsky in documentary films.” The last lecture will be accompanied by rare film footage of both leaders. The event takes place on Tuesday, June 1 at 7 p.m. at the Jabotinsky Institute, 38 King George Street, Tel Aviv.
  • HUNDREDS OF physicians, businesspeople, representatives of public bodies and academia will participate in the Quality in the Galilee Conference which opens on June 1 at the ORT Braude School in Karmiel. Among the leading figures at the conference will be former Jewish Agency chairman and former Mayor of Ra’anana, MK Ze’ev Bielski who heads the Knesset lobby for quality.
  • THE INCOMING Rector of the University of Haifa is Haifa-born Prof. David Faraggi, 55, who will take up his duties in October 2010.  He succeeds Prof. Yossi Ben-Artzi.  Faraggi, who is currently Vice Rector, is a bio-statistician in the Department of Statistics. He received his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1984 and completed his postdoctoral studies at the Harvard School of Public Health’s Department of Biostatistics. He has been visiting professor and fellow professor in many higher education institutions around the world, including Harvard University, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and more.
  • WHAT WOULD you have done if you found yourself in therestaurant of a prize-winning chef?  The answer of course, is eat. Butthat’s not the kind of question posed by television personality HaimHecht in his current moral dilemmas series on Channel 2 in which hemonitors the reactions of members of the public to racialdiscrimination, theft, potential pedophilia and other social ills.Hecht took his family to dinner at the Roberg Levanim kosher restaurantin the Galilee which is owned by celebrity chef Ilan Roberg, who tooktime out from his pots and pans to pose with Hecht for posterity. Theever enthusiastic Hecht was as over-the-top as usual – but this time,the reason was genuine, without actors creating dilemmas.
  • YOU CAN take the man out of the game, but you can't take thegame out of the man. International football star Haim Revivo, who withhis wife Sagit, and their children came home a few weeks back afterseveral months in Los Angeles, have decided to live in Tel Aviv insteadof their home town, Ashdod, where they own a palatial villa. Thecouple, accompanied by two friends. dropped into the Fleischer HotelBar in Tel Aviv last weekend to celebrate the victory of Inter Milanoover Bayern Munich. They watched the game on a giant screen and werethrilled with the result.