Huldai opens election campaign

Tel Avivians seem to be in for an 'unexciting' one-horse race for the mayorship.

ron huldai 88 224 (photo credit: )
ron huldai 88 224
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Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai has officially opened his election campaign ahead of this November's municipal elections, reports Yediot Tel Aviv. Huldai has hired a marketing and media manager to head his campaign, and NIS 1 million will be allocated to his combined Labor/Kadima political faction, Tel Aviv 1. According to the report, although no serious opponent exists to challenge Huldai for the mayoral position, he does have a problem, with his Labor-led faction holding only four seats in the council. Last week, Kadima party councilors received approval to join Huldai's coalition, and it was decided to allocate NIS 1 million to the list. The report said Huldai was well aware that his list was "unexciting," featuring many of the same faces as in previous years, and he had hired marketing and media manager Nissim Duek of the Unik public relations company to manage his faction's election campaign.