Kfar Saba meat confiscated over unsanitary conditions

Kfar Saba veterinary officials have confiscated some 345 kg of meat from two local butchers' shops over the past two weeks after finding unsanitary conditions in the stores, reports www.local.co.il. Some 215 kg of meat was confiscated from just one shop, and the city is now preparing a legal case against the owners. According to the report, municipal inspectors paid surprise visits to the city's meat shops last week, and found that different types of foods were being mixed together and that work was being done in a way that was not clean or sterile and that presented a danger to the public. They also found that the store did not have a license from the Health Ministry. The report said this marked the fourth time meat had been confiscated from that store, and the city was now preparing legal action against the owners. The report also said that 130 kg of chicken was confiscated from another butcher's shop after inspectors found that the poultry had passed its expiry date. A municipal veterinary spokesman said the city would continue to stand guard to ensure that residents received "fresh and healthy" meat and meat products.