Move toward healthy school meals may bear fruit

Following in the wake of the battle against obesity and the trend toward healthier eating around the Western world, one Herzliya school is negotiating to become the first school in the Sharon area, if not in all Israel, with a truly healthy cafeteria, reports The Hof Hasharon district school in Shfayim is holding discussions to replace its current cafeteria with one run by the NoonMoon company, a relatively new chain of cafeterias that emphasizes natural and healthy foods and drinks. According to the report, the chain promises that all its products are free of chemicals or saturated fats, and it refuses to sell drinks containing artificial colorings and flavorings. Instead, it offers juices squeezed from fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh salads and wholewheat sandwiches, enriched with vitamins and fiber recommended for growing youngsters. The report said that if the negotiations bore fruit, the company would spend almost NIS 100,000 over the next two months preparing the cafeteria in time for the beginning of the coming school year.