Plaza's new look fails to win local approval

Most businesses in streets around Netanya's recently completed Kikar Zion do not like the plaza's new look, which was completed only this month, reports But the survey also found that most businesses at least prefer the new look over the previous one, which many had likened to "a plaza that suits Gaza." According to the report, the Netanya Plus newspaper surveyed 30 businesses in the streets around the recently revamped Kikar Zion and found that two-thirds were unhappy with the new look, completed only a few weeks ago. Some 50 percent of those surveyed said the city should return to the original Bauhaus design of the area. But the overwhelming majority, 80%, said that at least the current design was better than the previous one, which was created only five years ago and which sparked "unprecedented criticism" from the public. In that renovation, the city spent NIS 1.2 million on an "architectural monument" that many said was more suited to the Gaza Strip. The report said that the city had now removed the monument, leveled the area and planted vegetation.