Rabbis order compensation over infidelities

The Netanya rabbinical court has ordered a man to pay his ex-wife NIS 52,000 in compensation for the destruction of their family and for the mental anguish he caused her by his repeated infidelities, reports www.mynet.co.il. The rabbis rejected the man's argument that he was driven to the infidelities because his wife had lost interest in intimate relations after the birth of their third child, saying that it was possible that it was difficult for a woman to resume relations after having a baby, and in such cases a husband should wait until she was ready. According to the report, the couple's divorce case was being heard by three rabbinical court judges, who decided that the husband's claims that he wanted to remain with his wife were not genuine. The rabbis also criticized the husband for going to the civil courts in an attempt to sell off the family's apartment and divide up the proceeds. They said the apartment had been bought by the wife before the marriage, and ruled that it belonged entirely to her.