Solar electricity steps into the sunlight

Huge electricity bills and ticking electricity meters may become things of the past in Ra'anana as the city moves to install electricity-producing solar panels on two municipal buildings, reports In a pioneering step toward finding environmentally friendly, cost-efficient sources of energy, the city has begun preparing a tender for the installation of the panels, which provide electricity by capturing the sun's rays. According to the report, the city's move follows in the footsteps of a private Ra'anana resident who installed the solar panels on the roof of his building and who now supplies all his own electricity needs. A local Planning and Construction Sub-Committee has also approved an application for the installation of a second set of panels on another private home in Ra'anana. And now the city is "in advanced stages" of preparing a tender for the installation of such panels on two municipal buildings. The report said that in line with government policy supporting renewable energy sources, the Israel Electric Corporation must compensate home owners who install the solar panels. "Ra'anana is a pioneering city on the front of action for environmental quality," Mayor Nahum Hofree said. "The city supports its residents in moving toward clean energy, with the aim of leaving a world that is better for coming generations."