The 10 Plagues of Tel Aviv

Among this year's not-so-new afflictions: 'Zahelet,' the plague in which traffic moves at a crawl for hours at a time.

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traffic 88
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With the Pessah holiday currently underway, the Hebrew weekly Yediot Tel Aviv has listed its own version of the 10 plagues from which it says the city is suffering. According to the newspaper, among the afflictions striking modern Tel Aviv are: "Migdelet," the plague of high-rise towers; "Hapeset," the plague of searching endlessly and fruitlessly for a parking space; "Zahelet," the plague in which traffic moves at a crawl for hours at a time; "Hareset," the plague in which historic landmarks (such as the Ussishkin basketball stadium and the Gordon swimming pool) are destroyed in favor of something newer but not necessarily better; and "Gazelet," the plague in which a tenant finds himself paying $900 per month for a two-room apartment that has not been renovated for two decades - and then discovers that his contract states that he will have to pay in shekels, at NIS 4.5 to the dollar. "These are the 10 Plagues from which Tel Avivians have suffered this past year," says the newspaper. "So what makes this night different from other nights? Nothing at all."