Water War Four

Rabin Square is the site of another epic water battle.

hot girl 88 224 (photo credit: Courtesty, Yaron Nahari)
hot girl 88 224
(photo credit: Courtesty, Yaron Nahari)
Summer officially started less than a fortnight ago. Air conditioners have been working overtime to turn bedrooms and offices into refrigerators and the beaches have been filling up with progressively browner bodies. Today, July 4, in Rabin Square, hundreds of people will find yet another way to cope with the scalding heat at the fourth annual "Water War" - a community-run water fight. Yaron Nahari was one of the people who initiated the first Water War. Nahari says that hundreds of people participated in previous years, but with the expansive publicity made available by Internet social networking sites like Facebook and My Space, as well as blogs and e-mails, this year is expected to be bigger than ever. By Monday, June 30, over 4,000 Facebook users had said they would attend. Water guns, water bombs, drinking bottles and fertilizer spray bottles are the most traditional "weapons" used in the Water War, but one year even a homemade "pirate ship" made an appearance. Nahari said that mainly young people participate in the event, but he has seen parents bring along their kids and even their dogs - if not to join in, at least to enjoy the spectacle from the sidelines. However, with the country facing a drought it comes into question as to how valid an event like this is, that could be seen as promoting the use of water for superfluous activities. People should arguably be learning to turn the tap off while they brush their teeth, take shorter showers, water their gardens less and not wash their cars at home, but rather at car-washes that use recycled water - not to spray it around for fun. Nahari says the water used in the Water War itself comes from the fountain at Rabin Square that periodically gets drained and refilled regardless. As such, he says, the event leaves "zero footprints." A Tel Aviv Municipality spokesperson said the event was a private one and not the responsibility of the city, but added that the fountain runs on a circulation system. The fourth annual Water War is scheduled to start today at 3:15 p.m. at Rabin Square. "Hostilities" are expected to last for approximately two hours, or whenever the event comes to a natural conclusion. For more information search for Water War 4 on Facebook.