Who let the dog out…

Tel Aviv has decided to "loosen the reins" on some of its dog laws and is now allowing residents to walk their pets without leashes.

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leash law 88
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Tel Aviv has decided to "loosen the reins" on some of its dog laws and is now officially allowing residents in the center of town to walk their pets without using leashes, reports Yediot Tel Aviv. Owners walking unrestrained dogs will no longer be fined, as long as the dogs do not belong to any of the seven species classified as dangerous. But residents in north and south Tel Aviv should be warned: the right to run free applies only to central Tel Aviv. According to the report, the city made its decision after numerous residents complained that their pets were relaxed, well-trained and walked quietly next to them, and there was no reason for them to have to be on leashes. But the city decided to restrict the new freedom to central Tel Aviv - at least for now - and is emphasizing that this does not mean that owners can simply let their dogs out to roam free - people must still be with their pets, or risk incurring a heavy fine. The city also pointed out that seven dangerous species - including Rottweilers, Pit Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Terriers ("Amstaffs") - must still be restrained. And while it has eased up on leashes, the city has given new bite to its law on "souvenirs" left behind by dogs, issuing heavy fines to owners who do not collect their dogs' droppings.