Easy livin’

We are here to help. Here are a few fun items that will help make summer more enjoyable.

Shopping cart (Illustrative) (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Shopping cart (Illustrative)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Summertime and the livin’ is... well, not always easy. The sun’s UV rays are merciless, the heat overwhelming at times, kids will soon go on vacation but the head lice sill are going strong, and revealing those white limbs on the way to the beach may be embarrassing. But we are here to help. Here are a few fun items that will help make summer more enjoyable.
Make sun protection cute
70% of sun damage is created simply by being outdoors.
While many use sun screens when going to the beach, most people forget to use sunscreen when going outside – not only during the summer but throughout the year. Israel’s leading sunscreen product line, Dr. Fischer’s Ultrasol, has launched a special edition of personal facial sun screen in a cute container that you’ll be happy to carry with you year-round.
The cute designs can be attached to bags and strollers, reminding you when it is time for another application.
The special edition includes SPF50 melon-scented facial cream for kids (NIS 29.90); PF50 sport-max facial cream (NIS 29.90); and Ultrasol SPF50 Babynatural face cream (NIS 34.90).
Get that glowing vacation look
The exclusive Hungarian cosmetic company Omorovicza, whose products are imported to Israel by Kisu, has launched just the right product to help you start the beach season: Glam Glow, a citrus-scented self-tanner that makes tired, dull skin look glamorous.
Awarded “Best Self Tanner” at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018, the color develops quickly – so don’t worry if you didn’t remember to apply it the night before – a few hours will do the trick. Apply on clean, dry skin. It will give face and body a natural-looking golden glow overnight. The result is natural looking – none of that ridiculous fake tan orange skin other self-tanners give. Glam Glow renders a light olden shade and skin looks pampered, thanks to ingredients such as almond and jojoba oil, apple pectin, thermal mineral water and shea butter.
Available only at Kisu 200 Dizengoff St., Tel Aviv.NIS 213.
Fight the dryness
HL Cosmetics has launched Juvelast, a new line of creams targeting dry, thin skin. Based on their patented formula, the anti-aging line is based on DNA CoFactor, which was clinically tested and proven as very effective in improving the skin texture and reducing the depth of the lines. Active ingredients include peptide copper complex, DNA improving Liposome enzyme, ceramides, rich plant-based oils and hyaluronic acid.
The line includes Cleansing Soap Gel (NIS 153); Nourishing Serum (NIS 316); Active Day Cream (NIS 293); Intensive Night Cream (NIS 304); Day Cream (NIS 222), Nourishing Mask (NIS 257) and the star product Nutria Drops (NIS 187).
Available only at licensed beauticians. For more information go to www.hl-labs.co.il
Smack those lips
Estee Lauder now offers its Pure Color Envy Paint- On Liquid Lipcolor in three finishes – stylish matte, daring metal and self-assured extra shiny vinyl. The formula contains time-released encapsulated hyalronic acid, which helps sculpt the lips in one stroke. Rich pigments render deep shades quickly and the matte lipstick is long-lasting, up to eight hours. The collection includes 40 shades, so you are sure to find yours easily. NIS 135.
Enjoy long-lasting lipsticks
Maybelline New York had launched Super- Stay Matte Ink liquid lipstick that stays on for 16 hours. Yes. We tried it and it does not smear or smudge while eating, drinking, kissing or even sleeping. Glass rims stayed clean and so did the pillowcase.
In fact we had to use makeup remover to remove the lipstick after the promised 16 hours.
Giving a complete cover in one stroke, thanks to its unique arrow applicator, SuperStay Matte Ink is available in 10 ravishing matte shades, from nude to dark (I want all of them…), and it also offers a great solution for those who refrain from applying makeup during Shabbat.
NIS 42. https://www.maybelline.co.il/
Blush beautifully
Antonym Cosmetics produces a line of cutting-edge, organic and natural cosmetics, packed in eco-friendly containers that offer a line of gentle yet effective makeup solutions, available in Israel only at Kisu Tel Aviv or online (https://kisu.co.il).
The Cheek Crush is a certified Organic Highlighting Blush offering two for one to die for: an organic baked blush that gives cheeks a sweep of gorgeous color while highlighting and sculpting the cheekbones. The signature blend of brilliance and color imparts a radiant glow and the weightless texture gives skin a silky and velvety feel. The blush is packed in a beautiful wooden box with a mirror. Love it! Available in Kisu Boutique, 200 Dizengoff St., Tel Aviv. NIS 200.
Dream of an exotic tropical island
Fashion icon Michael Kors has launched a limited-edition summer scent – Exotic Blossom – that evokes a feeling of a luxurious summer vacation on a tropical island. The scent is floral and fruity with notes of mango, rose petals and musk, laced with tropical flowers. Perfect.
Available in pharmacies and beauty shops. NIS 379.
Have an ice coffee moment
Nespresso has introduced two new coffee flavors created especially for making ice coffee and inspired by Italian recipes: Ispirazione Salentina, smooth and balanced; and Ispirazione Shakerato, with highlights of cocoa. The mixtures are also offered as part of a summer package (NIS 95) that includes two mixing shaker-glasses with silicone covers and an ice cube tray. When purchasing five coffee-capsule sleeves, the package will cost only NIS 65. Also available now at Nespresso is a personal bottle for cold coffee, with a built-in straw (NIS 79). When purchasing five coffee- capsule sleeves, the package will cost only NIS 49.
A sleeve of 10 capsules costs NIS 25.5.
For recipes and more information go to www.nespresso.com
Keep in your freezer
Baladi has launched an avocado spread that you can keep frozen in case friends surprise you or the avocados haven’t ripen yet. The ready-made spread arrives in a cardboard box containing three vacuum-packed 100-gram bags.
The spread is made from 99% Mexican avocado plus 1% flavorings and natural preservatives. NIS 9.90 to NIS 12.90.Kosher badatz.
Serve blue, pink and chocolate
As summer vacation nears and parents need to find solutions for keeping the kids busy and safe, many grandparents find themselves babysitting more often.
But keeping the kids busy is one thing and serving them grandma’s cake is another. For those times when switching the oven on is too hot, keep Ugale’s new personally packed chocolate muffins at hand.
The muffins, packed in both Sami the Firefighter and Hello Kitty wrappings, also make for a great solution to birthday parties that are held outside.
The flavor, by the way, is not only for kids. Filled with chocolate in the middle, grownups will love them, too.
But do me a favor and let girls choose the blue firefighter and boys choose the pink kitty if they want. This is 2018 and we are over rigid gender typecasting.
NIS 10 to NIS 12 for a pack of six.
Get rid of head lice safely
Head lice infestation among kids in daycare and school is an international problem. Fearing the possible dangers of using chemicals found in many treatments, as well as the disappointing results of other products, some parents completely stop treating their kids. Now an Israeli company may have the answer many parents have been looking for.
Novokid is a revolutionary treatment device that effectively eliminates and prevents lice and eggs, developed by Tech- Care, together with doctors and scientists from the Weizmann Institute. Novokid uses innovative patented technology to effectively vaporize natural plant-based ingredients.
It is a revolutionary anti-lice home-use device that eliminates lice, super lice and eggs with a simple 10-minute treatment with no rinsing or washing required.
The solution used is 100% natural, plant based and pesticide free, including rosemarie and vinegar.
The kit includes a Novokid device with a three-year warranty, treatment cap, four treatment capsules, lice comb, batteries and accessories. Additional capsules can be purchased separately for repeat treatments or for other family members.
NIS 299 for the whole kit (now available at NIS 249).
A pack of an additional four capsules is available for NIS 59.90 and a multi-use cap NIS 39.90. Available only at Super-Pharm stores.