The Palestine tango

If you are looking for a twist or two, try this dance.

Flemenco 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Flemenco 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
With the success of Dancing with the Stars – British, American and Israeli versions – all the forgotten dances are being brought back. So we see the waltz, the two-step, the tango, cha-cha, rumba, samba, Charleston, twist, you name it. What we haven’t seen is our local version of the Argentines’ most famous dance: the Palestine Tango.
The intricate variations of this local dance may account for its lack of popularity. But you be the judge.
Here’s how it goes:
1. One step forward and two steps back.
2. Always turning; either to the extreme right or the extreme left.
3. Never looking ahead; always back, preferably with eyes closed yet talking about the sure, bright future.
4. May include the Bourbon Stance; remembering everything but learning nothing.
5. Always trying to hold oneself rigidly no matter what winds are blowing.
Another variation of this dance is the Palestine Drag, where one partner is dragged forward by the other in spite of loud protestations. The one doing the dragging usually finds this step tiring and has difficulty keeping it up for long.
A friend of mine by the name of Israel found himself again partnered with his neighbor, Palestina, for the tango. She, encouraged by her girlfriend, Europa, an old acquaintance of Israel, decided to try the Palestine Drag instead of the Palestine Tango. Israel, throwing dirty looks at Europa, who stood there with a neutral stare, soon tired, gave up and forfeited the competition – thus continuing the lose-lose situation of the Israel-Palestina dance team. No one else volunteered to partner Israel, and Palestina went off to pout and sulk with girlfriend Europa. He, in turn, looked around for the aging former beauty queen, Miss Liberty; the only game in town.
So if you’re in a daring mood, try the Palestine Tango. Ready. Set. Go (nowhere).