Trivia Test

Trivia pic Giza pyramids (photo credit: Toni Stroud/Chicago Tribune/MCT)
Trivia pic Giza pyramids
(photo credit: Toni Stroud/Chicago Tribune/MCT)
1. The Gomantong and Niah caves in Borneo were the main source of what famous culinary ingredient till the ’90s until escalating demand supplanted them with custom-made structures to attract birds?
2. The documentary of which 1970s groundbreaking film was titled Hearts of Darkness, alluding not just to the novel that inspired it but also to its chaotic making?
3. If you are a schoolteacher, an orrery would be a welcome edition to your models. What is it used to illustrate?
4. Name two of the three present-day countries that had more than one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
5. Which quotable sportsman got his nickname from a friend who said that he resembled a Hindu holy man whenever he sat around waiting to bat, or while looking sad after a losing game?
6. What wild American feature begins at Springer Mountain in Georgia and ends at Katahdin in Maine for a total distance of 2,175 miles?
7. What piece of furniture that has a prominent place in legend has no head or sides, implying that no one sitting at it is privileged?