bird watching

bird watching

KKL-JNF snaps sweet photo of flamingos in Israel

Flamingos that are still in Israel in December are likely to stay until the end of the winter.

A new species of owl was found in Africa, and it's hauntingly beautiful

The species was discovered by scientists in 2016, but suspicions of its existence gained traction from 1998, and testimonies from local people suggest its existence could be traced back to 1928.

Music notes

Songbirds compose music similarly to humans -study

The team found that the order of song elements in the butcherbird songs shares a predictive relationship with how those elements are rhythmically timed.


KKL-JNF launches live birdwatching feeds at Lake Hula

The Hula Valley is a major stopover for birds migrating between Africa, Europe and Asia through the Syrian-African Rift Valley.

Human activity influenced bird behavior during COVID lockdowns - study

The study states that the likelihood that birds were to be found in developed urban areas and in less-developed green spaces is the same.

The swifts' yearly religious return to Jerusalem

Spring has arrived, along with the amazing swifts; look up and enjoy the antics of these amazing migratory birds.

Bird flu flown the coop? Israel has outbreak under control - ministry

Long-term plans will be drawn up following a major investigation to ensure there are regulated preparations in place so Israel will not have to just wing it.


My Word: ‘Fowl play’ and the other pandemic

This is a disaster but far from being a swan song for the birds.

A winter day at the Hula

Here is a day plan for Hula Park that starts with a sunrise wagon tour and ends with a steak and beer.


Birds' bodies in Amazon Rainforest change due to climate change - study

The study included data on more than 15,000 individual birds over a large range of the rainforest that was analyzed, weighed, captured, and later released bank into the wild.

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