Fun Passover outings for the whole family

Passover is one of the most ideal times to go out for a hike in nature and enjoy the spring sunshine.

Down the ‘Kangaroo’ hole at the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ exhibit at Gan Guru (photo credit: Courtesy)
Down the ‘Kangaroo’ hole at the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ exhibit at Gan Guru
(photo credit: Courtesy)
 Every year at Passover, blossoms cover the fields and rivers gush with snow melting from the mountains.
Passover, also known as the Spring Festival, is one of the most ideal times to go out for a hike in nature and enjoy the spring sunshine.
There are many historical sites and nature reserves to choose from, starting in the north and reaching all the way to the south.
I’ve compiled a number of the nicest and most unique outings for families for this Hol Hamoed.
Gan Guru Kangaroo Park
This Hol Hamoed, Gan Guru will be turned into Alice in Wonderland and guests will be able to combine two attractions with one ticket. Gan Guru will be offering its authentic Australian experience, which includes animals and riddles through which we can learn about the Aboriginal community.
In addition, guests are invited to partake in the Alice in Wonderland experience, in which they will wander through a huge maze of hedges and enjoy activities during which they will come upon the White Rabbit and be invited to join in a tea party with the Mad Hatter. If you want to attend the party, you’ll need to bend down and squeeze through the small door and then put on a funny hat or bunny ears. Afterwards, you’ll have the opportunity to go off in search of Alice in the maze, meet the Red Queen who’s waiting for you in the Cricket Field, where you can hit hedgehog balls with flamingo rackets.
Price: NIS 46 Date and time: April 25 to 27, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
More information: (04) 648-8060.
Tamar Regional Council
Passover is the best time to enjoy a trip to the Dead Sea area before the summer heat sets in. The Tamar Regional Council is planning a variety of activities for visitors, such as flying model airplanes, touring the Ein Gedi Botanical Gardens, taking a tour of the Dead Sea Works, getting creative at the arts and crafts fair, and relaxing at the musical performances at the Sodom eco-park. Festival organizers have made great efforts to provide a wide variety of activities so that everyone can find something they enjoy.
In addition, guides from the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel will be leading tours of the Rum, Yizrah and Pratzim rivers. Each hike is rated according to difficulty so that you can pick the appropriate level. During Hol Hamoed, there will be free shuttles running back and forth from a number of hiking areas.
SPNI hikes: NIS 10.
Dates: April 24 to 30.
Moshav Aminadav
On Moshav Aminadav, next to Hadassah University Medical Center in Ein Kerem, you can rent a Tomcar at Matzok and join a group setting off on a challenging 23-kilometer trek. The circular path starts at Aminadav and passes through the Jerusalem Hills and many springs, namely Yad Kennedy, Hurvat Sa’adim, and the Ein Sarig spring. When the tour reaches the spring, there will be a break so that participants can wade and splash around in the water. Then the group will continue on to the Shalmon Ridge, the Aminadav Forest and back to the starting point.
Another option is to go on a bike ride along a path that passes through the Aminadav Forest and Hurvat Sa’adim, or other pastoral bike paths appropriate for intermediate riders.
Price: NIS 299 for a two-person Tomcar or NIS 70 to NIS 90 for bicycle rental.
Dates and times: April 24 to 30, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Information: 052-386-5612.
Mount Hermon
Many Israelis don’t know it, but Mount Hermon is a fantastic place to hike – even when there’s no snow on the ground. There will be free guided SPNI tours in the Hermon area throughout Hol Hamoed, during which participants will learn about the spring and summer flora and fauna of the region. At the end of the tour, guests will be invited to ride on the slides at the ski site.
Dates and times: April 24-30, twice a day at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.
Tours are free. Cable car is NIS 49 for adults and NIS 42 for children.
Information: 1-599-550-560.
Acre Extreme Sport Park
Most people know Acre as a quiet, pastoral coastal city, but that’s not all the city has to offer. Families with children will be happy to know that during Hol Hamoed, Acre will be hosting fun and challenging activities at the city’s Extreme Sport Park. There will be a Sky Track built from bridges high up in the sky, extremely long and high ziplines, adventure courses, and a 32-meter-high bungee jump (from the top of which you can peer out over the Acre port, Haifa Bay and even Rosh Hanikra).
Hours: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Entry fee: NIS 10 (which can be used towards rides) Location: Shalom Hagalil Street, Acre.
Ma’alot Tarshiha
For the 26th year, the Ma’alot-Tarshiha Festival will be held on Hol Hamoed, during which guests will be invited to make sculptures. Artists from Israel and abroad will be showcasing their sculptures – including Guido Verhoff, who is famous for his balloon sculptures. Verhoff created a 20-meter-high dove made out of 30,000 balloons. Some of the festival activities will be free of charge, including the street theater and music, the children’s shows, the magician performances, the contests involving prizes, the fair and the petting zoo.
Dates: April 24-26.
Location: Montfort Lake, Ma’alot-Tarshiha.
Information: (04) 957-4004.
MeDarom Festival During
Hol Hamoed, the sixth annual MeDarom Festival will take place in Ofakim. Organized by the students of the Department of Culture, Creation and Production at Sapir Academic College, the community festival will include funfilled activities such as a mass kite-flying event, an acrobatic and juggling show, an origami workshop that will end with a giant paper sculpture, and a mandala tapestry workshop.
There will also be street performances, lots of music and a special guest appearance by acclaimed chef Chaim Cohen, who will conduct a culinary workshop in memory of Shimi Roemi, who was killed in the terrorist attack on Dizengoff Street on January 1.
Dates: April 13, starting at 4 p.m. at Habanim Park, and April 14, throughout the city.
Entry is free.
Makor Hahasida
At Kfar Ruppin, the Makor Hahasida birdwatching center is celebrating the spring migration. Visitors are invited to tour the site where they will see storks, pelicans, spur-winged lapwings and falcons. Guided tours will take place throughout the holiday in the mornings and the evenings. And special package deals are available for guests who stay overnight at the Kfar Ruppin Guest House. On Saturday April 23, Monday April 25, and Wednesday April 27, there will be morning tours at 10 that will pass by the Tel Saharon Refuge lookout point and the barn owl and lapwings’ nesting grounds, and end at an old IDF post from which you can look into Jordan.
Dates and time of birdwatching tour: April 6 to 10, at 5 p.m.
Tours are 2½ hours long.
Price: NIS 35-45.
Information – David: 050-539-5856.
Translated by Hannah Hochner.