Happy Passover

The holiday of shopping.

Shopping cart (Illustrative) (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Shopping cart (Illustrative)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
The holidays are here, and it’s time to give gifts to your family and friends.
A box of chocolates is always nice, kosher- for-Passover vodka or a good bottle of wine is also an ideal choice, and I bet an attractive serving dish or a decorative item for the home will win points with your hosts and family members. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right?
Tirosh teetotal
As part of the Seder meal, Tirosh nonalcoholic grape juice is what children and those who refrain from alcohol will have as their four cups. Carmel Tirosh, produced by Carmel Winery since 1930, remains the most popular in Israel. Kosher for Passover and made from 100% pasteurized grape juice with no additives or preservatives, it is made from the fresh fruit.
Available as a red or white blend and suitable for kiddush. NIS 16.90 to NIS 17.90
Passover vodka
Vodka can be a great Passover alternative drink, especially one that is made for the holiday. Spiriteam has been importing Cooymans Distilleries’ Passover Vodka to Israel since its launch in 2013. The Dutch premium vodka, made by the same distillery that produces the Van Gogh collection, is distilled three times. Designed to suit the Seder table, the bottle bears the iconic drawing of the two spies carrying a cluster of grapes. Try the regular vodka at NIS 99 or the sweet purple grape vodka at NIS 109.
In the pink
Tura is an estate boutique winery located in Rehelim in Samaria. The family-owned winery produces wines that represent very good quality. This holiday, try their rosé – a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc from Har Bracha. The wine is fruity, with floral aromas and slight sweetness. Serve chilled. NIS 79.
Swiss chocolate
Chocolate is always a welcome gift to bring to your hosts for the Seder.
Chocolate is an ideal after-dinner treat that most people love. This year, try the Passover sweets imported by Tasa Chocolate. It includes our favorites – Ragusa Swiss chocolate in three flavors – white, dark and milk chocolate with nuts (NIS 15); the popular Swiss chocolate bars by Torino in various flavors (NIS 14.90); and the box of Torino pralines (NIS 34.90). Another treat is Heidi chocolate with a layer of Florentine (almond- caramel) at NIS 8 for 100 grams. Kosher. Available at the Tasa chain of stores in Ra’anana, Kfar Saba, Ashdod and Holon.
Decorative dishes
Many guests like to bring their Seder hosts a decorative gift for the home. To that end, Home Center has a wide selection of attractive, reasonably priced items to choose from. Look for containers and serving dishes that look like heavy ceramics but are in fact made from ecological bamboo with black-and-white designs. The collection includes serving dishes in various shapes and sizes, containers and more. Prices range from NIS 20 to NIS 50. www.homecenter.co.il
It’s a date
Another sweet treat that is not only kosher for Passover but also good for you is the Free date snack, which has added a new flavor to the collection – dates and hazelnuts. The Free snack bars are made with only two ingredients – dates and nuts or peanuts. There is no added sugar, gluten, artificial coloring or preservatives, and each bar contains less than 100 calories. NIS 16.90. Kosher parve.
Fish for compliments
Fish is another must on Passover, so it’s always a good idea to have a few packages of fish in the freezer in case some unexpected guests join the dinner table. We tried two different types of kosher fish imported by Paskovich – Norwegian salmon fillets and hake fillets imported from South Africa.
Both are very tasty. The salmon is cut into large individual portions and has no preservatives (NIS 59.90 per kg.). The hake, which is great for fish and chips, as well as other fried and baked dishes, comes in smaller packages (NIS 35.90 per kg.) Both are available at supermarkets and convenience stores.
Cereal for breakfast
If, like many people, you simply cannot start the day without cereal, Telma has a solution: kosher for Passover cereal.
Shaped like stars to appeal to children, the reduced-sugar cereal is a hit with grown-ups as well. Stars Champions cereal, made from puffed corn and rice bran, contains only one and a quarter teaspoons of sugar per serving. Kosher for Passover for those who eat kitniyot (legumes).
Comfortable kaftans
After making their way from beachwear to the dress hanger, kaftans have become a fashionable must. I find that it is the perfect hostess dress – loose and comfy and looks great even if you had too much to eat. The Matim Li (ML) fashion house has launched a new line of kaftans, designed with prints and embroidery inspired by authentic Moroccan motifs. Of course, if you’re invited to a Mimouna after Passover, it is the required attire. But even if you aren’t, a kaftan will take you through the summer events and will probably become your favorite item of clothing. In the collection, ML offers basic colors such as black, red, white and blue, with silver and gold Oriental embroidery, colorful prints, floral prints and other embellishments.
The dresses come in full length and knee length, with three-quarter sleeves, V-neck and various side slits.
Available in sizes 42 to 54. Prices range from NIS 99 to NIS 199. Available at ML stores around the country. www.matimli.co.il
Gift bag
In time for the holidays, L’Oréal Paris gives a nice evening bag to all who buy their products for NIS 199 and more.
Add NIS 20 and get the bag plus two full-size items – Color-Riche lip stick and eye makeup-remover, as a gift. The bag is black, with a golden chain.
Available at Superpharm stores and leading pharmacies until June 1, depending on stock availability.
Smells like spring
Many perfume houses offer specials on perfumes and gift boxes for the holidays. In fact, according to them, a major portion of their annual sales are done before the major holidays of Passover and Rosh Hashana.
Donna Karen and Michael Kors offer gift boxes that include a few items for the price of the scent. DK offers a romantic gift box that contains Be Delicious perfume (100 ml.), shower gel (100 ml.), body lotion (100 ml.) and a 7 ml. pursesize perfume for NIS 299. Michael Kors’s Wonderlast for women is offered in an attractive gift box that includes the perfume (100 ml.), body lotion, and a 10 ml.
perfume roller for NIS 399. Available at pharmacies and April stores.
Other wonderful options for perfume gift boxes include the following: Chloe with 100 ml. of perfume and 100 ml. of body lotion for NIS 545; Marc Jacobs Daisy 100 ml. of perfume, a 10 ml. perfume sample and 150 ml. of body lotion at NIS 369; Lanvin Eclat d’Arpege perfume (100 ml.), shower gel (100 ml.) and body lotion (100 ml.) at NIS 249; Marina De Bourbon perfume (100 ml.) and body lotion (150 ml.) at NIS 149. And there are gift boxes for men as well.
For fashionable young women, Miu Miu recently added a new young scent – Miu Miu l’Eau Rosée in a very elegant bottle. A take on the original scent, it is fresh and floral yet sophisticated, with opening hints of lily of the valley, as well as cassis, wrapped with musk. NIS 470 for 50 ml.; NIS 630 for 100 ml.
And for woman and men, Calvin Klein has added an intense new scent to the Obsessed collection, which comes in a black lacquer bottle. Obsessed Intense for women is an Oriental fragrance with top notes of citrus and mandarins, heart of violets, sage and lavender, and a base of amber and musk (NIS 299 for 100 ml.).
Obsessed Intense for men opens with spicy top notes of pomelo and Sichuan pepper, heart of sequoia and cedar, and a strong manly base of black amber and brown resin (NIS 249 for 125 ml.).