It’s almost Purim

Get in gear for the happiest holiday of the year – and don’t forget to look for healthier options

BeautyCare (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Purim fun
BeautyCare shops have a new department – Make Art – offering a line of body, face and hair makeup in time for Purim. The line includes colored hair wax in eight shades (NIS 14.90), special Ombre lipsticks with two shades in one (NIS 6), metal lipstick (NIS 6), body paint palettes (NIS 34.90), crystal stickers (NIS 7.90), face glitter (NIS 4.90) and more. Have fun!
Body art
Getting ready for Purim, Sacara offers creative parents the chance to try their hand at body painting, using a professional palette with 15 colors of mineral paints for the face and body. There are three different palettes – colorful, browns and pink-purples. Mix and match using brushes and water. Remove with soap and water or makeup remover. NIS 39.90.
For big girls
Just in time for Purim, L’Oreal Paris launched a one-day hair coloring gel in 15 daring colors. Very easy to apply and divided into two categories – for dark or light-colored hair. This gel is going to solve my getting dressed for the office Purim party dilemma – now all I have to decide is which color. Colorista Hair Makeup by L’Oreal comes in 15 shades; you can choose from raspberry, copper, dark pink, dark purple, plum, blue, green, lilac, powder pink, red and more. Apply to ends of hair, let dry for 10 to 20 minutes and comb. If necessary, add more. NIS 34.90, available now for only NIS 29.90.
Stay on
Also from L’Oreal Paris, a new line of long-wear liquid matt lipsticks, Les Chocolats, in six addictive shades from nude to hot red. The lipsticks have a chocolate aroma and they really stay on for hours without drying the lips. Excellent. NIS 49.90.
Snap it
Maybelline New York launched Snapscara, with a new wax-free formula and applicator that gives eye lashes volume very quickly and is easy to remove with water. The mascara comes in three very pretty shades – Blue, cherry brown and black and is really fun to use. NIS 35.
Watch over the kids
As children grow and seek more independence, we are left with worrying. Should we let them go to their friends on their own? Should we watch from a far? Office Depot now launched a new watch – Kidiwatch Color, that allows parents to listen to the child’s surroundings, know when the child is out of the pre-defined safety zone, has an emergency button, touch screen, selfie camera, light, stopper, math game, photo album, and can also let parents locate the child via GPS, get SOS messages and text messages. At NIS 349, it may well be worth your peace of mind.
Protect the baby teeth
Not all toothpastes are the same and apparently not all of them are safe for kids. Some contain fluoride that is not allowed before age two, others contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives, detergents and other synthetic ingredients. But brushing teeth is important and children who do not like the taste may do all they can to avoid brushing properly. Weleda is a leading company in the field of organic-herbal health products. They have a toothpaste developed especially for babies and young children, with only plant-based ingredients, chosen meticulously to protect and efficiently clean the teeth without harming them. NIS 36.70.
Ease the pain
Ever since I started to work out regularly at the local gym, I have been experiencing occasional aches and pains and look for easy solutions. Now Altman offers an answer – Cetilar Cream that will ease the pain in joints and muscles and help you return to the workout routine. The formula is based on Esteric acids (7.5%) for quick recovery and ease of pain. According to Altman, the cream was tested on patients with knee pains and eased the pain quickly with no side effects. NIS 69.80 for 50 mg., available in pharmacies.
These socks are meant for walking
The Ricochet chain added a new brand of Merino wool hikers socks – Desert Snow Pro – made from Schoeller Climayarn fibers, that insulate and protect the feet, keeping them dry in extreme conditions, both hot and cold, and are very light weight. The socks also have extra padding in pressure points and good elasticity. NIS 99, available at Ricochet stores.
Better pasta
Pasta is often the easiest way to whip up a dinner. I know that when I don’t have time or energy to make anything else – pasta is my go-to solution. But which pasta? That is another question all together. Ha-Sade now introduces a line of pastas made from organic whole spelt flour, including fettucine, fusilli, penne, spaghetti, penne tri-color, spinach fettuccine, spirulina fettuccine and fusilli with spirulina. The flavor is fantastic, but it is the health benefits that make it worth trying – the pasta is very rich in fiber, with a different and easier to digest gluten and is high in protein and minerals. NIS 19.90 available in health-food stores and supermarkets.
Spread the news
Imported to Israel by Diplomat, Scala, maker of Italian spreads and sauces, recently added new items to their line – the new, kosher Scala Pesto from roasted vegetables with Grana Padano cheese in a 190 gr. jar or, if you mainly use pesto as a spread, you can also get the pesto in a squeezable bottle. Also available in the squeezable bottle is the parve pesto without cheese.
Fish for compliments
Paskovich, a leading importer of meat and fish, started importing hake from South Africa. Found in the southeastern Atlantic Ocean along the coast of South Africa, it is similar to European hake and the deep-water Cape hake. White and firm, this fish is perfect for deep-frying and baking. NIS 39.90. Kosher Badaz.
Light tuna
Starkist launched a new line of Starkist Light with up to 4% fat and more than 20 gr. Protein, and only 125 calories per can. There are three flavors in the line – natural, pepper-lemon and herbs. Excellent. NIS 6.90 to NIS 7.90.
Vegan chocolate
Vega introduces Gianduja chocolate – vegan chocolate with whole hazelnuts. The chocolate contains quality ingredients such as hazelnuts and cocoa butter and no cholesterol, trans-fats, lactose or casein. For more information go to NIS 19.90 for 150 grams.
Professional skin care
Best known for their range of peelings addressed to medical professionals such as dermatologists and plastic surgeons, Skin-Tech also produce daily care creams that the patients apply after peeling treatments to reinforce its effects. Their cream line includes 12 different products that address problems such as pigmentation; anti-aging; calming creams for red skin; hydrating creams; firming creams for mature skin; as well as creams for young problematic skin and acne. Imported to Israel by Promedics, these creams are available at clinics and often complete the treatment. NIS 300.