Letters: January 15, 2015

Lesovoy’s own story is a miracle; Only someone like him can give over the wonder and miracle of Israel to Russians, who can contribute so much of their talents and abilities to the State of Israel.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Miraculous story
Sir, – The article describing Eliezer Lesovoy (“Engaging Russian-speaking Jewry,” One on One, January 2) is remarkable.
I am so proud that such a person was chosen to work with Russian-speakers here in Israel and all over the world.
Lesovoy’s own story is a miracle.
Only someone like him can give over the wonder and miracle of Israel to Russians who can contribute so much of their talents and abilities to the State of Israel. St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Jerusalem, Haifa, Eilon Moreh and Tel Aviv can be linked together by this man and by no other – except, perhaps, the man who is now so effectively head of the Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky.
Praise is due Sharansky, who thinks outside the box about what is important for enhancing Jewish identity. And of course, praise is due Lesovoy, who is such a special person, as well as The Jerusalem Post Magazine, for printing this article and making us all aware of what makes Israel so unique among the nations.
Sir, – The article about Eliezer Lesovoy was fascinating. However, I almost did not read past the fourth paragraph, where it said: “Lesovoy looks like a typical settler, with his crocheted kippa, checkered shirt and closely cropped beard.”
Really. He looks like a typical settler? I found that more than a bit offensive (although maybe we should thank you for letting us know what “settlers” look like).
Special lady
Sir, – I read with great interest Renee Levine Melammed’s “Masterminding illegal immigration to Palestine: Ada Sereni” (His Story/Her Story, December 19). An example of her extraordinary capabilities and quality of connections was described in a book by Jerry Klinger – Reverend John Stanley Grauel, the man who helped make Israel possible.
Describing the attempts to obtain the Warfield, later renamed Exodus, and to escape the blockade placed by the British and the Italian navies, Klinger writes: “The British put enormous pressure on the Italian government to prevent the Warfield from escaping yet again. An Italian gunboat, with machine guns trained on the Warfield, suddenly appeared, blocking her way out of the port.
“The British authorities in Rome had taken steps in cooperation with the Italian authorities to prevent the sailing of an unnamed vessel, which was to be used to transport ‘escaping criminals and fascists,’ the newspaper reports ran. I was enraged to the point of tears many times by the lying statements of British officialdom in their undeclared war against the world’s dispossessed.
“For seven weeks the Warfield lay trapped in the port, the gunboat sitting on the Warfield’s anchors. Heaven and earth were moved to try and free her, to no avail. A modern day Judith rose and answered the call from the sea.
“In charge of Italian operations was a legendary woman, Ada Sereni, widow of Enzo Sereni, who had been tortured to death by the Nazis when he made a parachute jump behind enemy lines in Czechoslovakia during the war. Enzo’s father had been a physician to King Victor Emmanuel III. Ada’s first cousin was an admiral in the Italian navy, a Jewish rarity. Between Enzo’s background and hers, Ada had some excellent contacts in high places when needed.
“Suddenly, without prior notice or explanation, the gunboat withdrew, and we immediately made a dash for it. It was not until many weeks later that we were told Ada Sereni took advantage of her admiralty connections and forged a letter of release on our behalf. The Warfield escaped again thanks to the involvement of this very special lady.”
Tell it like it is
Sir, – In “Simply put: The Right does good, the Left does bad” (A Fresh Perspective, December 19), Dan Illouz correctly, though simplistically, explains why the right-wing parties are preferable to the left-wing parties in the upcoming elections.
I would like to point out that the Left would entrust our nation’s future security to the hostile EU and the Obama administration.
This would be critically dangerous for us.
We are all involved in a historic Right/Left political war.
One must tell it like it is.