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Russia to launch online guide to Jewish history of Yekaterinburg

Visitors and residents of Yekaterinburg will be able to independently create and explore routes that will provide educational material about the history of the city's Jewish community. 

Aliyah dips in West, surges in Russia amid Ukraine conflict

Israel has seen a decrease in immigrants making aliyah from Western countries while aliyah from Russia and Ukraine has increased.


Russia declares former chief rabbi of Moscow a ‘foreign agent’

Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt left Russia at the beginning of the Ukraine war and called for Jews to leave Russia.


Does Israel really want more Russian aliyah? - opinion

This very conservative and religious government would have preferred for halachic Jews to make aliyah, not grandchildren of Jews.


What will happen to Russia’s Jews? - opinion

Knowing the precarious position that Russia's Jews are in, why has the Jewish Agency not prepared to help them escape the peril of a war-torn country?


'Israel has abandoned the Jews of Russia,' MK Oded Forer charges

The Absorption and Diaspora Affairs committee called for "an array of dedicated airplanes,” to bring masses of olim from Russia.


Unstable Russia sparks concerns for Jewish organizations

The Wagner mercenary group's attempted Russian coup has Jewish organizations concerned for the wellbeing of Russia's Jewish citizens.


Russian Jews need to flee before they are made scapegoats for Putin's war - opinion

Russian propaganda refers to the government in Kyiv as a “Nazi regime.” However, just as in the case of Nazi propaganda, the facts directly contradict such characterization. 


Ukraine-Russia War: Putin not antisemitic, demonizes Zelensky - Sharansky

Sharansky: Russian President Vladimir Putin has made it his business to demonize Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Jewish background to cast Ukraine as the Nazis.


US Russian-speaking Jews deserve a seat at the table - opinion

Creating a space for the RSJ community at the communal table will lead to a greater perspective, resources and diversity that should be welcomed by everyone.

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