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(photo credit: REUTERS)
Regarding prayer at the Kotel, the issue is not whether you have a right to pray in various manners, Orthodox, Haredi, Conservative-Masorti, Reform, Reconstructionist, Hassidic, Mitnaged or anything else, or whether a side arch should be allocated. The issue is the unity of the Jewish people.
Even as G-d gave the Torah to all His people, not questioning their religiosity, even as said people answered in one voice “Na’aseh ve’nishmah,” we will obey and listen, the Almighty gave each individual the right to self-determination.
Meaning: You have the right to pray as you wish, or not at all. You have the right to be charitable, or not. You have the right to choose your vocation or remain idle and sponge. You even have the right to determine whether to save lives or take them.
 What you don’t have is the right to attack the unity of the nation.
There are many synagogues, temples, places of worship all over the world to suit anyone’s bent. You have the right to choose which you want to frequent. If you can’t find one, you can establish your own.
But, there is only one tiny dot on the face of the universe, which, for thousands of years, has served as the Jewish Nation’s focal point for prayer, for return to the homeland. Through centuries of persecution, wanderings, expulsions, that minuscule dot, which most of the world’s citizens can’t even find on a map, has unified the Jews.
As an American student many years ago, my first thought on seeing the Western Wall was, “It’s so small”! No one has the right to destroy that unity.
You may ask, “This is the 21 century! Why not all pray in a modern, egalitarian manner?” Even Fiddler knew the answer to that one: “Tradition, tradition.”
Each tree is an integral part of the forest. Each Jew was given individual rights of self-determination. But no one individual has the right to destroy my tiny dot.
And yours.
On Monday July 9, two letters, “Stop meddling,” and “Where were they” narrow mindedly decried anyone who did not agree with our “ruling” Rabbinate!
From my understanding, Judaism, from time immemorial, was always changing in order to keep up with the times! This was done by the Sanhedrin, which has now not met for 1,000 years!
Napoleon, who respected the Jews, when he visited the Jewish quarter in Paris asked why we were living in the 12 century. The answer was: “To change, the Sanhedrin has to meet.” His answer: “So!” They then invoked a kind of makeshift Sanhedrin. Obviously this was not very successful.
I challenge the Orthodox, in order to bring order, to meet as the Sanhedrin, including all streams of Judaism. I am sure it would be a ‘Mad Hatter’s Party’!!
Why do we chase away people, who desire to be Jewish? I will not forget Michael Douglas imploring our Rabbinate to accept him and others as Jews; he and many others, obviously need the affirmation!
Tel Aviv
Regarding “What will it take?” July 12, Charles Golding’s prediction of the possibility of a Labour Party win at a future UK general election with Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister is the stuff of nightmares –  especially for the Jewish population of this soon Brexiting island.
Corbyn has history and his well-publicized anti-Zionist views, which will no doubt manifest itself in legislation against Israel at many levels including via trade arrangements, attempts to demonize/arrest when traveling leading Israeli politicians and military heads as well as acceptance of the BDS movement and all that this encompasses.
This anti-Israel action will no doubt morph quite easily into anti-Jewish sentiment, which this Labour Party has contributed to unashamedly under Corbyn’s leadership and does not forebode well for British Jews.
No doubt many in the population will believe as has been perceived to date in light of Labour’s anti-Jewish misdemeanours, that keeping a low profile and not ruffling any feathers will ride out any issues.
However, to keep saying it’s raining when someone is blatantly spitting at you is a very dangerous appeasement position, which our history unfortunately illuminates.
Making aliyah is and will be a very good option; staying silent is not, as at times the UK Jewish population’s stand has been quite deafening.
Tel Aviv
Regarding Caroline Glick’s June 21 column, “If not now, then when?” it is hard to fathom the level of vitriol required for Michael Chabon to longingly share his vision for the end of Judaism.
It became evident in Glick’s article that his hatred for Judaism is the natural progression of his hatred for the God of Israel. He impugns God’s truthfulness when he calls the Passover story a lie.
He impugns God’s character when he calls the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart immoral.
And the true undergirding motive of his diabolical wish to see the end of Judaism is to discredit God’s faithfulness.
The miraculous preservation of the Jewish people throughout history is a testimony to the veracity of God’s word.
The incredible rebirth of the Nation of Israel is an undeniable demonstration of His faithfulness.
Simply put, He keeps all of His promises. It is also clear, that in His decisive battle to overcome evil and redeem humanity, the Jewish people play no small role.
Anyone now, or throughout history, who seeks the elimination, assimilation or delegitimization of Israel or the Jewish people make it very clear which side they are on.
Westerlo, New York
Regarding “PM warns of stronger retaliatory strikes,” July 15, The Jerusalem Post is rightly continuing to relate on how to deal with Hamas in Gaza. Of particular note is this front page Khaled Abu Toameh and Tovah Lazaroff piece.
One non-military way to approach the radical Sunni Hamas challenge is to further help blacklist and isolate it as an Iranian collaborator and fifth column in the Muslim world by psychological warfare against both it and radical Shia Iran, its arms-provider and paymaster.
Ayatollah Iran is duping Arabs to murder other Arabs under the blood-drenched banner of would-be triumphalist Shia Islam. For them, the only good Arabs are Shias, plus Tehran’s traitorous Sunni running dogs like Hamas.
In truth, the ayatollahs’ real cause is Persian empire-building and regional domination. To this end, they want to control Mecca and Medina and reverse 14 centuries of Sunni Arab ascendancy.
Willingly or not, Hamas is lending comfort and support to this devious plot against its own Sunni world.
 The ayatollahs work daily to surround and control Arabia through subversion and aggression in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Yemen and the Gulf states. To this subversive campaign should be added their efforts in Gaza and beyond.
And all the while, Iran is deceiving so many Arabs, including those in Gaza, that its real target is “Jerusalem, The Holy,” and not Mecca and Medina.
The cynical height in such deception is Iran having named its special Islamic Revolutionary Guards Force, Al- Quds (Jerusalem).
As with past totalitarian idolatries that place man or religion above God, this Shia religio-fascist program will lead Hamas, like Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, to oblivion as multitudes of Sunnis cheer its demise around the world.
A good way to strike two vultures with one stone while saving lives to boot.