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Reflections: the bad juju gown

I found lots of discussion online about jinxed garments – especially unlucky pants.


Ya’acov Heruti, one of Israel’s first anonymous soldiers

The ‘Magazine’ gets the lowdown on the former LEHI operative, today 93, who almost assassinated the British foreign secretary in 1948

CONVICTED CHILD molester Jerry Sandusky (center), a coach at Penn State University, arrives at a Pen

Malcom Gladwell on reading people

Unlike in his previous works, however, the places Gladwell goes in his Talking to Strangers are foreboding and dark


May 13, 2019: Block that deal

Jerusalem Post readers have their say

A woman writes.

Reflections: My writing life

I wanted to be up there with the stars, stringing beautiful words together, like a necklace of jewels that glittered and enchanted

Fundamentally Freund: How to double the aliyah rate to Israel

Aliyah has always been the lifeblood of the nation, so it is essential that steps be taken to significantly boost the rate of immigration, as this will ensure that the country continues to prosper.

INTERIOR MINISTER Arye Deri at the Knesset

Corrupt politics

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty – and that applies to Deri in this case as well.

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