Games: Trivia test

Which animal featured on France's heir to the throne's coat of arms?

1. Tahrir Square, the scene of events that were the focus of international attention in 2011, is in which city?
2. For hundreds of years, the coat of arms of the heir apparent to the throne of France featured what animal?
3. The title of which influential 1890 muckraking book takes its title from a sentence in François Rabelais’s Pantagruel that goes “one half of the world does not know X”?
4. The artificial Gatun Lake that was created between 1907 and 1913 forms a major component of what water body?
5. With connection to films, what is the claim to fame of Don LaFontaine who is identified with the phrase “In a world…” and who has been called “Thunder Throat”?
6. What ‘v’engeful weapon is the first known human artifact to achieve sub-orbital spaceflight? 7. “... once dreamed of seeing a beautiful nameless woman on the street and having sex with her without ever knowing who she was.”
This fantasy of a director was the idea behind the production of which envelope-pushing 1972 film that is set in a European capital?
8. On which date did the Eichmann Trial begin?