Miracle cream from the sea

Developed by an aerospace scientist, La Mer sets a benchmark for luxury skin care.

La mer 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
La mer 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Crème de la Mer was first created by aerospace scientist named Dr. Huber. Huber was severely burned by chemicals while performing an experiment. When he could find nothing available to sooth his skin, he performed over 6,000 experiments during a 12-year period until he came up with a formula that did the trick. For Huber, it wasn’t the ingredients but the way those ingredients were distilled that made all the difference between a good moisturizer and a small miracle. He discovered that as these ingredients journeyed from individual components into a nutrient-rich mixture, a process that took 3-4 months to complete, vital energies were spontaneously released and through this slow bio-fermentation process, Crème de la Mer was born.
Gradually, but perceptibly, the amazing happened. The skin’s appearance was miraculously improved, just as Huber hoped. It became softer, smoother, more supple. Rumors of the “miracle cream” started spreading and soon a large group of followers developed. The ‘miracle’ that was first sold only to celebs became a luxury branch of Estee Lauder cosmetics and the company now produces a whole line of face and body products under that name.
Today, Crème de la Mer’s Miracle Broth is manufactured by the same slow, meticulous bio-fermentation process created by Dr. Max Huber. This extraordinary Cream must be individually hand-filled in order to sustain its delicate balance.
For those schooled in logic, Crème de la Mer is something of a jolt to the imagination. But the proof can be seen on the faces of those who use it. The company promises that in a short time aging lines and pores will be noticeably less visible.
The new Regenerating Serum combines the original Miracle Broth with another powerful plant- based anti-aging compound called The Regenerating Ferment and an antioxidant rich Lime Tea.
Our tester said: “Using both La Mer Serum and Cream morning and evening for more than two weeks now, I must admit that it does feel different from other creams. In fact it really does feel like kind of a miracle. My face feels every day as if after a really good facial – soft and moisturized, clean and fresh – and I long to come home and put it on again. Another thing is that I don’t feel the need to use makeup, which is for me proof that it does make a difference. The Regenerating Serum starts to work on contact. You actually feel it. You put it on and you feel something is transformed.
“The price can be a real sticking point: La Mer cream retails in Israel for NIS 1,190 and the new La Mer Serum, based on the original Marine Peptide Ferment, the miracle broth, gold and lemon grass tea, is sold for NIS 1,450.
“But if you are considering a major procedure try La Mer first. It may delay the need for a more drastic treatment. If you have a big occasion coming up that you want to look great for, it’s a good idea to start there, but be warned: you are very likely going to get hooked. I know I did.”
Get it at: Only the Ramat Aviv branch of Hamashbir Latzarchan.