Starcatcher: Astrology for the week of August 13, 2010

Who should look for a new job, and is this a good week to start a new relationship?

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
TIP FOR THE WEEK:  You are more in control of your emotions this week and now is a good time to begin some important discussions.
This week you will be busy with people you come into contact with daily: neighbors, family, siblings and everyone at the office.  Your need to communicate is great but you may not have enough patience to deal with all the insignificant banter. Take some time off this week to work on a project that has been pushed aside for the past couple of months. It is time to finish it. HINT: Your thoughts turn to things you value which include both your self-esteem and monetary possessions.
Plans to travel or renovate your home may not progress as smoothly as you had hoped due to a few glitches along the way which cannot be avoided. Rather than getting upset, take a step back and look for an alternate solution. Your relationship with a water sign is far from satisfactory and this time you may have been a tad too critical. Remember that water signs are extremely sensitive. HINT: The last few days of this week are perfect for entertaining at home.
You definitely have the feeling that you are treading water instead offorging ahead with your plans. Actually, you are doing the best you canand whatever roadblocks you face along the way are not of your making.In the meantime, you are learning just who your friends are and who youcan trust. Plans for a trip in the coming months are taking shape andsoon you will be reunited with a loved one. HINT: Walk away from idlegossip.
Take some time this week to relax, rejuvenate and build your innerstrength. You have been working so hard to accomplish your goals andnow that you are nearly there you feel exhausted. The last few metersare the hardest to climb, but don’t give up now! Setbacks involvingmoney and property are expected but the good news is that they are onlytemporary. HINT: There is so much you wish to accomplish professionallybut it will take a bit more time before your dreams become reality.
Lately you have had the feeling that a close friend not only betrayedyou but stabbed you in the back. Trust your instincts. Everyone knowsthat you are right, even though they are not always ready to speak up.Take your time and don’t act in haste. An impulsive move right now mayhave a long-lasting effect. Sometimes the enemy you know is far betterthan the one you don’t know. HINT: Time spent with your family will doa lot to make you see that the glass is really half full.
A person you know professionally has thrown a monkey wrench in yourplans and this time there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.Bide your time. You know you are in the right and so does everyoneelse. Soon you will have the opportunity to make your voice heard.Family continues to be a wonderful source of support and time spenttogether is just what you need right now. HINT: Be careful how youspend your money. This is not the time to be extravagant. Actually, itis a good time for putting a little aside for a trip later in the year.
You don’t usually act in haste, but lately you have been tired ofwaiting for what you want and are ready to jump in and grab the goldring. Good for you!  In your heart you know you are right and havementally planned each move so long that you know what pieces need to beplaced on the board in order for you to win. Professionally you arestill working overtime but your social life is making up for the longhours. HINT: An intimate dinner with someone special is just what youneed this week.
This is a perfect week for staying home and simply relaxing. For somany months you have been working long and hard hours and the time hascome to recharge your batteries and catch up on some much needed rest.Time spent with a younger member of your family always makes you feelhappy and proud. This is a good week for building bridges andstrengthening existing relationships. HINT: When speaking to an earthsign try to remain calm and count your words as if each one cost money.
All your hard work and careful planning seem to be for naught as youfight to keep on schedule. There is so much you need to do and notnearly enough time to get everything done to your satisfaction. Ratherthan getting upset, reach out to someone you trust and respect and askfor help. Your partner and/or mate is busy right now with their ownprojects and don’t seem as sympathetic as they used to be. Be patientand stay optimistic. HINT: Think twice about trusting someone whoavoids eye contact.
Problems and setbacks at work are expected this week and for the timebeing all you can do is stand back and let things take their naturalcourse. Your relationship with a Libra is becoming much more involvedas you begin to see not only how much you have in common, but how muchyou can trust this person. This is definitely the time for facing thefuture and walking away from the past. HINT: You continue thinking upnew and interesting projects and in the coming months one of them willtake wings and soar.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
Difficulties with an old friend are expected and there really isn’tmuch more you can do to preserver the relationship. It seems as if thisone has lasted for as long as it could. Soon new and interesting peoplewill enter your life and fill the void. When dealing with an Ariesremember that both of you are wonderful at starting things but notreally strong at the finish line. If you do wish to work together youwill have to find someone who can see your vision through to fruition.HINT: This is a good time for those of you who are considering makingsome home improvements.
You can’t seem to find a quiet corner at home and end up wasting timetrying to get settled rather than sitting down to some serious work.Time is passing and soon you will feel pressured to get a projectfinished. Take your laptop and go sit in a library or coffee shop—justsit down already and get to work. When speaking to a sibling rememberthat this person is not only on your side but may be your best friend.Any time the two of you are together is a party. HINT: If you can’ttake a major vacation right now, take little ones…you’ll be surprisedat just how refreshed and rejuvenated you will feel.