STARCATCHER - Astrology for the week of July 30, 2010

Who should look for a new job, and is this a good week to start a new relationship?

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
TIP FOR THE WEEK: Two steps forward and one step back seems to be your routine these days. Since there really isn’t anything you can do to jumpstart your engine, try keeping focused and go with the flow.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LEO---FIREJULY 23-August 22Money and finances continue to be on your mind as you begin planning for a major expense—an extended trip perhaps or some serious renovations at home. Whatever is going on you will have to budget your finances and pay close attention to little details. Your relationship with a sibling is touch-and-go right now as you would really like a shoulder to lean on. Instead you are forced to deal with the other person’s problems, yet again. HINT: A creative project that you have put aside needs working on soon.
VIRGO---EARTHAUGUST 23-SEPTEMBER 22This is not the time for taking chances. You have always thought things through very carefully and take pride in your logical mind. However, this week you may suddenly discover that a slip of the tongue may cause you some very embarrassing moments.  Think twice before speaking to a water sign. HINT: Take your time when dealing with money matters and be prepared for a few minor setbacks.
LIBRA---AIRSEPTEMBER 23-OCTOBER 23You sway from optimistic to pessimistic and back again in the short space of a few hours and these days you find it difficult to concentrate for a long period of time. In the weeks to come you will have more information and that is when you can begin making plans. In the meantime, take copious, detailed notes and be prepared to answer some complicated questions. HINT: A trip in the winter will do much to lighten your load.
SCORPIO---WATEROCTOBER 24-NOVEMBER 21Don’t let past failures and disappointments keep you back now. Today you are a much different person and the experience you have gained is priceless. Soon, you will be in a position to take control of your life once again and that is when you should remember the little people who helped you along the way. You will be well advised to remain calm when speaking to your partner and/or mate. HINT: This is a good week for setting up important meetings.
Meetings and social functions continue to keep you busy and as much asyou would love to just walk away and go home, you know your presence isexpected. Do not be surprised if your relationship with someone at workbegins to deteriorate. You are not at fault and everyone knows howhonest and fair you are. Stay calm and let things progress normally.You will not be disappointed. HINT: A conversation with a Virgo will bedifficult yet worthwhile.
Things seem finally to be going your way. Enjoy your time off and makearrangements to socialize more this week. You have been working so hardthat you don’t know what to do now that you have some free days. Forthose of you who are still debating whether or not to move, take yourtime. The latter portion of this week is perfect for getting thingsdone. HINT: Don’t hesitate to throw away things you really don’t need.If you haven’t worn it in two years, you don’t need it.
As much as you would love to get away, you really don’t have the timeor the money. Instead, try taking little weekend trips with someone youcare for. Even one night away will feel like a vacation. As hard as youtry to put some money aside, expenses keep cropping up and you have towatch your spending just to get through the month. HINT: Don’t worry,in the months to come things will improve and once again you will beable to buy the things you want and need without scrimping.
This is the time for you to sit back and rest—to recharge yourbatteries and let your mind wander. Just because you aren’t writing,does not mean that you aren’t working. You spend a great deal of timethinking and planning and when the time is right all will flownaturally and easily onto the page. Your relationship with your familyis up and down this week and you may have to take a step back and letthem work things out by themselves this time. HINT: Time spent withanother water sign is just what you need.
You have the feeling that you are on a rollercoaster and simply don’tknow when or where to get off. Some days you are your old optimisticself and then within hours you become doubtful again. Trust yourintuition and be kind to yourself. When speaking to your partner and/ormate try to be as clear and precise as possible so that he/she canunderstand what you really want. HINT: Be careful how you spend yourmoney on Monday and Tuesday. Unwanted purchases have a momentary rewardand a long-term payment.
This is not a potentially good week for forging ahead at work. It is,however, a wonderful week for dealing with facts and figures. Thingsmay start of just fine and get stuck in the middle. Before gettingupset, back off and take a deep breath. By the time you are ready tolook at your project again you will have a better idea what needs to bedone and how to do it. Someone from your past may be trying to get intouch with you again. It will be up to you to decide whether or not youare interested in renewing that old relationship. HINT: Take some timeto visit a Virgo—you won’t regret it.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
This is a great week for entertaining at home or for simply curling upin your favorite chair with a good book or relaxing in front of thetelevision. For much too long you have been working late hours andhaven’t really had any down time in weeks. Take advantage of this lulland recharge your batteries. If you don’t expect too much from ameeting at the beginning of this week, then you won’t be disappointed.HINT: There is a great deal going on behind the scenes and you will bewise to stay away from all the gossip.
You can’t seem to find a spot for yourself. The truth is you reallyneed a vacation. Even a few days away from your household chores andpressures at work will do wonders. Start making some phone calls andsee what is available in your price range. Take some time to contact asibling…he/she always loves hearing from you. Soon you will be spendingmore time together and that is always fun. HINT: Professionally, thisis the time for making some moves in a new direction. Pace yourself andcheck out the waters before jumping in.