This season's lip smackers

A problem with lip glosses is often that you have to reapply frequently.

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Lip gloss has become an indispensable item in your purse to create that sexy effect of shiny lips, and lately we are seeing quite a few glosses that also promise to make your puckers look more voluminous. One such gloss is Clinique's Full Potential Lips Plump and Shine (the name is also a mouth full). The one we tried, in a soft-pink color called Play-full Plump, was indeed very shiny and did make the lips look slightly fuller. You can experience a slight tingling sensation after applying; the gloss is supposed to last up to six hours, but that wasn't really the case. Clinique Full Potential Lips glosses come in 10 different shades, and cost NIS 120. A problem with lip glosses is often that you have to reapply frequently, because the color is usually less durable than that of a lipstick. L'Oréal has a new gloss called Glam Shine 6H which, you guessed it, lasts up to six hours. The gloss is easily applied with the flat, heart-shaped applicator we know from previous Glam Shine glosses. We tried the colors Golden Tattoo (a soft brownish shade) and Purple Obsession (more of a dark pink shade); the shine was nice, not overdone, and the glosses didn't feel too sticky. After a morning of drinking coffee and snacking, the colors were still visible, so the promise of endurance seems to be kept. During January, the Glam Shine 6H glosses, available in eight different shades, are sold at NIS 60; after this they will cost NIS 85. Madina Milano's Go Gloss is a funky-looking gloss, packed in see-through cases speckled with white dots. To apply, you squeeze the tube and the gloss comes out of the flattened top, which is a little messy. Even though the gloss was advertised as "extra long wear," its durability was a little less impressive, but it certainly was shiny. The color we got was a kind of reddish-pink that was actually a much softer shade when applied, and which my daughter happily confiscated. Go Gloss comes in 12 different shades and costs NIS 79. Dior's Rouge Dior Creamy Lipgloss has the advantage of the creamy, soft feel, without the sticky feel usually associated with lip gloss. The gloss is applied with a little sponge applicator, and has nourishing qualities as well to make the lips softer, which is certainly noticeable. The color A-List Pink we tried is a little girly, maybe more something for the summer. The gloss has a see-through bottom and the dark-blue elegant cap known from the previous Rouge Dior lipsticks. The Creamy Lipgloss comes in eight different shades and costs NIS 137. This High Shine Gloss Stylo looks like a lipstick in every way, but feels extra soft and has more shine than a regular lipstick. The color I tried was called Twilight Sheer, and it was indeed sheer; it didn't give my lips much color, even though it looked like a nice brownish-pink shade in the case. It did add a lot of shine and felt soft, not sticky. Lip Gleam is available in eight different shades at NIS 89.90. Clarins makes a new series of very chic lipsticks called Rouge Appeal, Sensuous Long-Lasting shades going from light pink to deep red. The lipstick feels very light, thanks to the gel-like texture, which also adds a lot of moisturizer to your lips. The bright red case with flattened top looks very elegant; the color we tried, Grenadine, is elegant, if red is your thing. Rouge Appeal comes in eight different shades, and is available at the SuperPharm chain for NIS 119.