In time for Tu Bishvat, Pillsbury has freshly baked cookies with granola and with nuts.

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Tvuot has organic dried fruits you will enjoy for Tu Bishvat. The fruits are GMO-free, and have been dried the natural way by the heat of the sun. Because no colorings are added, the organic dried apricots are dark, not the actually unnatural orange you see more often. You can get Tvuot dried fruits at Idan Hateva and other health food stores; prices range from NIS 12.90 for 250 gr. of dried apricots to NIS 55 for a kilo of dates. Energy Snacks have some very yummy bars made from dried dates with or without honey, or with other added fruit, for example apricot, plum, berries or figs. The bars are gluten-free, have no added sugar and are a good source of dietary fibers. One bar is NIS 6 to NIS 8, and they are available in the Mega, Super Center and Supersol supermarkets and health food stores. Also for Tu Bishvat, Pillsbury has freshly baked cookies with granola and with nuts. You can find the cookies in Blue Square, Supersol and other selected supermarkets; the price of a kilo of granola or nut cookies is NIS 34.90 to NIS 39.90. Tara has some new milk products especially suitable for women, marketed under the name "You." The You milk and cottage cheese contain calcium, Vitamin D, B6, B12, E, iron, omega 3 and folic acid. A 750 ml. carton of You milk, containing 2 percent fat, is NIS 6.41, and a small tub of cottage cheese, including a spoon, is NIS 4.64. Also in the You line are fruit-flavored yogurt drinks. The new bottles of the Yarden Mount Hermon 2007 wines have new, clearer labels, with the name Mount Hermon in bright red letters. Also new are the Braille letters on the label on the back of the bottle, which state the name of the wine and the year of harvest. A bottle of Mount Hermon red 2007 is around NIS 40. A new addition to the Teva-Of products is chicken thighs, a good alternative to the popular chicken legs. Teva-Of is meat from chicken that have not been fed antibiotics. This chicken is quite yummy, but also a little pricy: one kilo of chicken thighs is NIS 44.90. If you would like something else instead of the plain tuna in oil, Starkist has some new varieties. The new additions are tuna in canola (rape seed) oil, adding another source of omega 3, tuna with spicy peppers, tuna with lemon, and smoked tuna. A 160-gr.can is NIS 7. For your convenience, Kad Bnei Darom producers of olive oil now have green olives and green pitted olives in small packages that can easily be opened and are good for picnics; the packages are NIS 5. Kad Bnei Darom also sells new olive oil from the first harvest at NIS 35 for half a liter, and NIS 55 for a one-liter bottle. If you order more than NIS 200, they will deliver anywhere in the country for NIS 15.