Trivia 201703

What came before Global warming and what is a “cruvinet?" Try your knowledge with JPost's weekend quiz.

glacier 298 (photo credit: )
glacier 298
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1. Global warming be damned. The 19th-century biologist Louis Agassiz who studied Alpine glaciers was the first to propose that the Earth had been subject what phenomena in the past?
2. Frequently seen in restaurants that serve wine, what is a “cruvinet”?
3. Which ubiquitous font created by designer Vincent Connare was said to have been inspired by the graphic novels The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen?
4. Which 18th-century struggle that ended with the Peace of Utrecht in 1713 was known in America as Queen Anne’s War?
5. During the Falklands War, because a British aircraft lacked a conventional “chaff” dispensing mechanism (used as a radar countermeasure), engineers designed one using welding rods, split pins and string. This eccentric make do was given the name of which cartoonist?
6. The name of which Nabisco shortbread biscuit/cookie is also a 1893 English romance novel by R.D. Blackmore?
7. “Man is driven by continued, unachievable desires, and the gulf between our desires and the possibility of achieving them leads to misery while the world is a representation of an unknowable reality.”
Which German philosopher’s “gloomy” teaching is this?