Don Abbas makes an offer

Another Tack: If we submit, he’ll magnanimously leave up to us the mechanism by which we’ll be compressed into the Auschwitz lines.

Godfather 521 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Godfather 521
(photo credit: Courtesy)
On behalf of the Godfather himself, his consigliore Saeb Erekat was dispatched to slyly put forth a seemingly new offer, seemingly sensible, seemingly conciliatory, but still an offer that cannot be refused – an ultimatum geared to guarantee the Syndicate the same gains as previous ploys. By one contrivance or another, Don Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) comes out ahead.
Abbas, intoned the consigliore in his role as chief Palestinian negotiator, might forgo unilateral action at the UN General Assembly in September and restart peace talks, “but only if Netanyahu accepts the basis of the 1967 borders, and declares it publicly, in addition to agreeing to freeze construction in the settlements.”
Predictably, word is that Judge B. Obama (the mob’s favorite mediator) actively backs the scam, which helps Abbas look good while ceding nothing.
The Don might let us off without punishment, return to the bargaining table and palaver as befits his honorable statesman reputation.
Abbas has lots invested in that image. It’s his stock in trade, much as it was for Mario Puzo’s Don Vito Corleone. The quintessential Godfather did his darnedest to lend the impression of a legitimate, respectable businessman – an olive oil importer. To all and sundry he was known as a reasonable man, a negotiator.
Indeed if his negotiating partners “showed respect” and paid up, peace blossomed.
Above all, Corleone desired tranquility. If he got his way, not a hair on any endangered head would be harmed. However, were his interlocutors unwilling to oblige and capitulate to his eminently reasonable demands, “warehouses were burned, truckloads of olivegreen oil were dumped to form lakes in the cobbled waterfront streets.”
Then came stiffer penalties, like that meted out to the rash wholesaler who “disappeared, never to be seen again, leaving behind, deserted, his devoted wife and three children, who, God be thanked, were fully grown and capable of taking over his business and coming to terms with the Genco Pura oil company.”
That’s precisely how business is done in our region. Don Abbas is outwardly a respectable statesman, bespectacled, clean-shaven and with better fashion savvy than Mustachio-Yasser, his sophistication-deficient predecessor Mafioso. Abbas purports to be levelheaded, a negotiator, a man of peace – on his terms, of course.
And as long as the “mark” – Israel – acquiesces to those terms and makes the required concessions to buy limited cessations of savagery, the Godfather will restrain his hoods.
So far, Don Abbas has gained much goodwill thereby. But the facade should fool nobody. The Godfather pays hefty monthly wages to all goons doing time behind bars, including the Itamar butchers. He shells out generous outlays to their families. He glorifies them on every occasion. He names local streets and facilities in their honor. He turns them into acclaimed role models. He agitates for the release of each and every imprisoned hitman – presumably also the slayers of the Fogel children.
Don Abbas keeps his thugs sweet and at the ready for the next phase of what in gangland parlance is called a shakedown. You pay mobsters not to torch your business, break your legs or take your life. If you fork over what they dictate, they protect you – from their own arsonists, bone-crushers and contract-killers. If at any point you can no longer afford ever-exorbitant protection racket fees, they’ll let you have it – Corleone-style.
But for now, Don Abbas prefers to keep his threat latent and instead bully Israel with the terrifying prospect of being hauled, shaking and shivering, before the Mafia Families’ general assembly – their kangaroo court. There, at the UN, Abbas is always assured an automatic majority.
The General Assembly will, after its own fashion, offer us the classic Godfather choice – either accept Abbas as your self-styled executioner or have your death sentence pronounced by the crime conglomerate.
The outcome will be identical.
Abbas's abiding aim is to dismantle the Zionist entity. That mandates disposing of the Jewish majority of the only democracy in the Mideast.
Israel is destined for de-Judaization by cynical exploitation of the democratic idiom to undermine its democracy.
On the ideological plane this means denying that Jews possess the right to self-determination. At the very most, Israel may be temporarily stomached as “a state for all its citizens.” The next step is to supplant the Jewish majority with an Arab one.
The practical prerequisite is shrinking anathema Israel to its untenable 1949-1967 dimensions. That would leave it cripplingly weakened and vulnerably squeezed at its midpoint into a nine-mile waistline. These are what ultra-dove Abba Eban once dubbed the “Auschwitz lines.”
All this would be achieved without renouncing the “right of return,” i.e. the right to overrun Israel by millions of hostile Arabs.
Once Israel is suitably shriveled, its indefensible boundaries would be assailed daily via stage-managed mass demonstrations by combative pseudo-noncombatants clamoring for their “right of return.” The recent elaborate Nakba and Naksa extravaganzas were mere foretastes of what Don Abbas plots.
Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, UN agencies and assorted do-gooder NGOs would all respond to the humanitarian imperative of inundating Israel with its implacable enemies.
Eventually, Abbas reckons, Israel will lose the willpower to withstand international pressure or its actual ability to continually barricade itself. After its defenses are breached, the final and fatal process of deconstruction will begin – replete with clashes, “legitimate Arab resistance” and blood in the streets.
In rare unison, the Arab states will roar support for their battling brethren – the very states currently unable to vocalize any objection to mass murder in Libya and Syria.
With Arabs callously massacring each other, it takes minimal imagination to envisage what they’ll do to the Jews whom they were brainwashed from birth to revile as Satan incarnate. The butchering of the Fogels in Itamar was just a grisly preview of coming attractions. So is the failure of the world to be shocked by that atrocity – not that it’s unexpected.
There are never even muffled murmurs of outrage when Israeli towns are rocketed and when Israeli civilians are targeted. However, a deafening cacophony of rebuke arises as soon as Israel dares react. Israeli self-defense is inherently delegitimized and axiomatically equated with war crimes. Adding insult to injury is the pretense that denial of the right of self-defense to Jews – and to them alone – isn’t anti-Semitic.
This is the irredeemably biased tribunal of world opinion with which Don Abbas browbeats us. If we submit to his diktat, he’ll magnanimously leave up to us the mechanism by which we’ll be compressed into the Auschwitz lines.
It’s either the kangaroo court’s preordained verdict or the Godfather’s preconditions as per the latest offer we can’t refuse – if we play by his rules.
Don Abbas and his consigliore mean their offer to be as fair as the one Don Corleone made the Hollywood mogul who denied the Godfather’s godson a movie role. The powerful producer awoke to find the head of his most prized racehorse in his bed. Just the head.