Sparkling, golden and sweet

Ronit Raphael Beauty Centers (photo credit: Courtesy)
Ronit Raphael Beauty Centers
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Urban glamour
Maybelline has launched a limited edition of Urban Light, a makeup palette that contains eye shadows, shimmer and blush, all in duochrome shades and hypnotizing metallic finish – to match the hottest makeup trend. The back-to-the-’90s shiny trend, which was popular in ultra-violet disco parties, is back offering the duo-chrome colors in which the shade changes with the change of lighting and movement of the head – a perfect addition in time for wild New Year parties. The intensive shimmer adds vibrancy and interest to the eyes and face. Don’t miss the limited edition sold for only NIS 40 at pharmacies and beauty stores.
Exotic boost
The New York premium cosmetic brand Kiehl’s has joined the clothmask trend, offering Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask – a one-time cloth mask that provides hydration and glow to the skin. The mask, suitable for all skin types, includes an exotic combination of three cold-pressed oils from the Brazilian Amazon – Copaiba resin oil, a woody oil that relaxes the skin, Pracaxi oil, rich in acids that adds hydration and smooths the skin, and Andiroba oil that adds nutrients and builds-up the skin barrier. The limited edition hydrogel mask comes in two parts to suit all face shapes, and offers no-drip technology and quick absorption for an instant boost of hydration and glow. A box of four masks is NIS 159, available in Kiehl’s store located in the Ramat Aviv shopping mall.
Shine like a diamond
The Ronit Raphael Beauty Centers invite customers to get ready for the New Year in style. The new glamour treatment is a combination of diamond beauty and vitamin C mask that together result in a glowing, glamorous look fitting for stars. Be it for the New Year’s Eve party or any other special event, the treatment is pampering and relaxing, and the result is a lighter and more even-looking skin tone. The technology is based on tiny diamond parts that remove dead skin cells and gently smooth the surface of the skin, exposing a healthy, fresh skin layer and allowing nutrients to penetrate the skin. Combined with the anti-aging Lec40 formula, which includes pure lecithin, vitamins, omega 3 and anti-oxidants, the treatment helps eliminate dark circles and puffy eyes. To finish the treatment the Power C lifting and anti-aging mask provides extended hydration and helps smooth fine lines. A winning treatment to start the New Year. NIS 790, available only at Ronit Raphael Beauty Science Centers around the country.
Sexy and glamorous
Hollywood’s brand Glam Glow, famous for its glamour masks, has now extended the brand, adding sexy skincare Waterburst hydrating cream. The water- based cream is very lightweight, and according to the company the formula disintegrates as soon as it touches the skin, immediately adding thousands of volcanic water drops that quench the skin. The formula also contains hyaluronic acid and Blue Nymph Lily extract, for a supple, sexy and glamorous skin. For all skin types, use daily on clean skin. NIS 199, available in April and Superpharm stores.
Sealed with a kiss
Seal 2018 and start 2019 with a special midnight kiss. This year try the all-new Maëlys Flirt – a lip-puffing kit that contains peeling and lip balm that immediately adds volume to lips, while offering a long-term rehabilitating and hydrating treatment. The scrub peeling, based on sugar, gently removes dead skin cells and damaged cells, while the lip balm instantly adds volume. Use when needed; it really works. NIS 229 (buy two for NIS 376), available online at
Matte and silky
In time for the famous midnight kiss, the American makeup company Bobbi Brown launches a new lipstick line – with richer-than-ever pigments and an exclusive texture. The new Luxe Lip Matte Lipstick has a new formula that renders richer color with easy application and feather-light silky touch, yet provides 12 hours of wear. Offering 18 desirable shades, this is definitely my choice of a new lipstick for 2019. NIS 185, available in Bobbi Brown stores.
The Korean-French beauty company Qiriness launches a cloth facial anti-aging mask containing gold that promises to illuminate the skin while rejuvenating it. Containing hyaluronic acid and 24-karat gold and a cocktail of amino acids, the mask adds hydration and elasticity to the skin. NIS 22.90 available in pharmacies and online at
A regal year
Chivas Regal, the world’s No. 1 premium Scotch whisky, has launched for the first time in Israel its Chivas XV, a 15-years aged blend, aged in Cognac barrels from Grande Champagne. Rendering rich aromas of orange marmalade, cinnamon and raisins, the Chivas XV has sweet fruity flavors and hints of caramel and vanilla, as well as a lovely round finish, and a golden color. A really special way to say to someone special “Happy New Year.” NIS 169.
A drop of love
As in every year, the Swedish vodka maker Absolut launches a special New Year limited edition. For 2019, the special edition is called “Absolut Drop of Love” and the design was made using ink taken from hate billboards around the world – reused to spread messages of love in pink and blue. The label is made up from the word “love” in several languages and on top of using recycled ink, the bottle is made from recycled glass
Sparkling-sweet New Year
Blue Nun
The Blue Nun white sparkling wine is light and fresh with tropical-fruit aromas and golden color. The Blue Nun Rosé is pretty and aromatic, perfect as an aperitif for the special evening. NIS 55.
Diva Cosmopolitan
Made from apple cider and filtered through gold threads, the peachy Diva Cosmopolitan Celebration Edition from Riga is kosher and wonderful with desserts. NIS 25.
JP Chenet ice edition, Rose and White
Open the party with these white and rosé medium- sweet sparkling French wines. The rosé is a pretty and attractive salmon color, with a rich fruity aroma. Serve chilled in a red-wine glass over three ice cubes. The Ice White has floral aromas with lovely tropical fruit flavors and smooth-mineral mouth. If you still have traditional wide champagne glasses, this is the wine to serve in them. NIS 35.
Martini Asti
Made from aromatic Muscato grapes, Martini Asti is sweet with hints of honey and peach aromas as well as pineapple and mango. A lovely sweet wine for those with a sweet tooth. Serve well chilled. NIS 70.
Tommasi Pinot Noir Brut
This traditional wine from the Tommasi Valpolicella Classico wine region in northern Italy is a lovely dry sparkling wine made from Pinot Noir grapes. The wine is very elegant and fresh, well balanced with nice acidity, and rich fruity aromas. Excellent choice for NIS 69.
Gamla Hashmura
Last but certainly not least, and in fact, from this list, definitely our favorite, the No. 1 Israeli sparkling wine is Gamla Brut by Golan Heights. The Gamla Hashmura NV is a dry and lovely blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay made in the champagne method aged at least 12 months in the bottle. The dry aromatic wine makes for a perfect aperitif but is also a wonderful accompaniment for a celebratory New Year dinner – my choice for this year. NIS 75.