Citynotes: Nahariya joins ‘Laptop for Every Teacher’ program

The scheme aims to empower teachers across the country by providing them with laptops and advanced training courses.

Back to school girl running 370 (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post)
Back to school girl running 370
(photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post)
The “Laptop Computer for Every Teacher in Israel” program was launched in Nahariya’s secondary schools last week, at a ceremony attended by Nahariya Mayor Jackie Sabag.
The scheme, which aims to empower teachers across the country by providing them with laptops and advanced training courses, is an initiative of the Athena Fund in cooperation with the Teachers’ Association, the Education Ministry and Bank Massad. In addition to laptops, each teacher will receive a 120-hour training course, which will cover basic computer use; digital skills and integrating computers into teaching; and making use of information accessible on the Internet.
To date, project coordinators have distributed computers to over 7,700 teachers and kindergarten teachers, in 521 schools and kindergartens in 206 communities, alongside the professional training courses.
With last week’s latest development, Nahariya’s secondary school teachers are joining city kindergarten teachers and primary school teachers who are already participating in the project.
Athena’s mission is to empower teachers in Israel and ensure that every teacher in the country is equipped with a laptop, accompanied by the course, enabling them to use the computers to improve their teaching skills.
The organization’s aim is that by 2015, every teacher in Israel will be equipped with a laptop and have received professional training, which will provide them with the tools to deal effectively with the “information revolution” and the changes it brings to the role of teachers.
Nahariya is the first major city in which all teachers, from kindergarten through 12th grade, have been equipped with computers. The introduction of the project in Nahariya was made possible by a donation from the United Jewish Appeal, the Amal Group, Athena, the Fund for Professional Advancement of the Israel Teachers Union, Bank Massad, the Nahariya Municipality and other partners.
Athena president and founder Uri Ben-Ari said the impact of the use of computers on the quality of teaching has been evident in program participants. “I congratulate the mayor on involving the city in the project and understanding the importance of providing laptops to teachers,” he said.
Sabag said that due to the allocation of computers to pupils in all grades, there has been a drastic improvement in the level of education from year to year. “The launch of the program is an experience in itself. We see the sparkle in the teachers’ eyes. The educational vision is being fully realized,” he enthused.
Syrian boy evacuated to Safed hospital
A 10-year-old Syrian boy who was injured in fighting in Syria was last weekend evacuated in moderate condition for treatment at Ziv Medical Center in Safed.
The boy was treated for shrapnel wounds caused by a mortar shell explosion.
Fires break out On Mount Meron
Six firefighting aircraft worked to extinguish a forest fire that broke out near an army base on Mount Meron, Army Radio reported Sunday. The fire affected the surrounding area, which lead to the evacuation of nearby Moshav Amirim.
Meanwhile, seven people, including four children, were injured in a fire in a residential building on Shimon Dahan Street in Tiberias, a United Hatzalah spokesman reported. The victims were rescued from the building and United Hatzalah medics gave then first aid, before they were evacuated to Poriya Hospital for further treatment for light injuries from smoke inhalation. Firefighters gained control of the flames and police were investigating the cause of the fire.
TA -Jaffa completes free Wifi initiative
The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality announced last week it had completed deployment of free Wifi Internet access points around the city, for the benefit of residents and visitors. Another 20 additional points are set to be fixed in spots chosen by Tel Aviv-Jaffa residents via the municipality’s Facebook page, including Hatikva Park, Florentin, the cinematheque and Kiryat Sefer.
According to the municipality, this is the most extensive deployment of Wifi points in Israel to date, including shopping centers, major commercial streets, boulevards, parks and beaches. In July, some 13,000 people surfed on the free Wifi; in August, the figure more than doubled to 28,000.
Alon Solar, a council member and leader of the project, said: “The city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa continues to be an attractive environment, particularly with its innovative initiatives. In the era of media, free Internet access is a basic service that should be granted to residents and local and international visitors. This is another step toward pushing Tel Aviv into the 21st century, in line with the major cities in the world.”
City for All helps build succa
for kids Aharon Maduel, the City for All candidate in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa mayoral race, and other members of his party have volunteered to help build a succa for a WIZO