The Nahum Gutman Art Museum is currently hosting an exhibition of works by 67-year-old French artist Christian Boltanski.

Musical Entertainment (photo credit: Wikicommons)
Musical Entertainment
(photo credit: Wikicommons)
The Heartbeat of Boltanski’s art
The Nahum Gutman Art Museum in Tel Aviv is currently hosting an intriguing exhibition of works by 67-year-old French sculptor, photographer, painter and filmmaker Christian Boltanski.
The “Heartbeats” show is a highly emotive experiential event, which, like many of Boltanski’s works over the past half-century, demands the active involvement of the public. The centerpiece is a heartbeat installation comprising mirrors located around the museum’s display area. In addition, there is a screening of a film that presents a profile of the artist from six junctures of his life, between the ages of six and 60. The film is synchronized with the sound of the artist’s heartbeats, recorded in 2005, while a light bulb flickers on and off to convey a sense of life and death corresponding with the light and darkness.
The preservation of the vital signs of life has been a theme of Boltanski’s work for many years, and he has established an archive of heartbeat recordings, of thousands of people who are no longer alive, on a Japanese island.
The “Heartbeats” exhibition closes on October 13. For more information: (03) 516-1970 or

Ugandan Jewish tribe gets airing
From this week until September 12, the public will have the opportunity to get a rare glimpse into the life, joys and travails of the women of the Abu Yehudia tribe of Jews in Uganda, in the Project Room exhibition which opened on Saturday night at the Main Gallery in Ein Hod.
The exhibition comprises works by Rehovot-based artist Rachel Weitzman, who spent long periods traveling through Africa and came across the Abu Yehudia tribe by chance. The tribe was established in eastern Uganda in 1919 by Semei Kakungulu, who conveyed the teachings of the Bible to the community and adopted the observance of a Jewish way of life.
The exhibition incorporates 15 works based on a cross-genre format of computer-enhanced photography and old paintings on canvas. The items on display feature images of a variety of female members of the tribe, as well as religions icons, clothing and jewelry.
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Canaanite artifacts
on show in Haifa
The National Maritime Museum has opened a new exhibition of rare cult artifacts dating to the Late Canaanite Era of the 13th century BCE.
The vessels were discovered in 2010 by Prof. Yohana Aharoni, at Tel Kashish on the northern bank of the Kishon River. During the excavations a chalk pit was located to the north of the site, which contained around 200 vessels, including locally produced items as well as vessels manufactured in Mycenae, in modern-day Greece, and Cyprus. The excavators believe that the finds were used in local cult ceremonies.
Tel Kashish has been identified as the ancient city of Helkat, which appears in a list of towns conquered by Pharaoh Thutmose III in the mid-15th century BCE.
The exhibition closes on January 1, 2013. For more information: (04) 853-6622 or
Celebrating Israeli music
The 15th annual Israeli Music Festival will take place all over the country between September 19 and 23.
The event highlights works by Israeli composers from a number of genres and, this year, will feature compositions by such leading composers as Moshe Seter, Tzippi Fleischer, Oded Zehavi, Menachem Tzur and Paul Ben-Haim.
The concerts, which will take place in Jerusalem (September 19), Haifa (September 20), Tel Aviv (September 21), Upper Nazareth (September 22) and Beersheba (September 23), include performances of Seter’s “Tikun Hatzot,” “Rhapsody on Yemenite Themes,” Zehavi’s “Poems of an Old Poet” and Tzur’s “At Sunrise.”
The list of artists and ensembles also covers a wide range of styles and includes a program of Arab music performed by the Arabic Music Orchestra; young sibling clarinet players Daniel and Alexander Gurfinkel, who will play Benjamin Yosefov’s Double Clarinet Concerto; and an allfemale ensemble of four harpists and a string quartet, which will perform Fleischer’s Avram oratorio.
All concerts are free.
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