Theater, art and dance over the weekend.

Batsheva Company 370 (photo credit: Gadi Dagon )
Batsheva Company 370
(photo credit: Gadi Dagon )
‘Untangled’ to WIT
The Modi’in Women In Theater group (WIT) will perform a musical called Untangled – an intriguing contemporary version of the classic fairy tale “Rapunzel,” around the country from January 29.
Like the original Brothers Grimm fable, Untangled is based on the plight of a golden-haired princess who is incarcerated in a tower but who desperately wants to get out into the big, wide world.
Meanwhile, Prince Max, Rapunzel’s brother, continues his unending search for the princess. And when Mother Gothel discovers that Rapunzel is gone from her tower, she does everything in her power to find Rapunzel and bring her back to their lair. These parallel actionpacked journeys add up to an entertaining, “hair-raising” musical adventure.
Director Pnina Fredman- Schechter describes the WIT production as “a story of a young girl intent on achieving her dreams,” noting that “our theater group’s goal is to give talented religious women and youth the opportunity to utilize their talents and fulfill their artistic dreams.”
The shows, says the WIT group, are for “ladies and girls of all ages.”
Untangled will be performed at the Kfar Batya Amit School in Ra’anana at 8:30 p.m. on January 29; at Einan Hall at the Azrieli Mall in Modi’in at 8 p.m. on February 4; at the Masorti School in Jerusalem at 5:30 and 8:30 p.m. on February 7; and at the Zinman Theater in Beit Shemesh at 8 p.m. on February 14.
For tickets and more information: 054-455-6065 or [email protected]
Tartakover packs alone
David Tartakover’s new exhibition – “I Packed Alone…” – is running at the Contemporary by Golconda Gallery in Tel Aviv.
The show is a retrospective of works by the 68-year-old Haifaborn, Israel Prize-winning artist, created over several decades. The items are displayed in three groups and offer an opportunity to appreciate the changes that have occurred in Tartakover’s artistic approach throughout his career to date.
The centerpiece of the exhibition is a collection of suitcases titled “Personal Belongings.” This is a recurrent motif in Tartakover’s works, which, he says, relates to the fact that “each of us carries his own unique baggage around with him – memories, dreams that have faded, lost loves, wounds, scars, passions and hopes.”
Elsewhere in “I Packed Alone…” are items originally displayed in Tartakover’s “I’m Here” series, as well as video works.
The exhibition will run until February 23. For more information: (03) 682-2777 or
Batsheva’s ‘Lost Cause’
The Batsheva Dance Company is performing Lost Cause, a new work by Sharon Eyal and Guy Bechar, with shows at the Suzanne Dellal Center in Jaffa (today and tomorrow) followed by one at the Haifa Auditorium (January 22) and ending in Ashdod on January 28. The soundtrack for Lost Cause was composed by Uri Lichtig, with costume design by Eyal, Bechar and Maayan Goldman.
Eyal describes the new work as the product of “a different mindset” and of “the ability of subtle nuances and gestures to change the world.”
The second of the forthcoming shows will feature long-standing Batsheva favorite Tabula Rasa, which company director Ohad Naharin created in 1986.
For tickets and more information: (03) 517-1471 or
Fixing art
Sharon Pezner’s current exhibition of art, “Fix,” which is showing at the Armano Tadeski Gallery on Tel Aviv’s Lilienblum Street, incorporates a range of commonor- garden materials, including concrete, nails, paper and cardboard.
The show is divided into three sections that feed on various tangible and ethereal topics – “Promises,” “Concrete” and “Concept.” In “Promises,” Pezner seeks to offer a new perspective on everyday objects and substances, while “Concrete” looks at our understanding of the concept of “home” and “key” through the prism of society. In “Concept,” Pezner, who is a qualified architect, marries concept and material through the examination of the home in a twodimensional and three-dimensional light.
“Fix” closes on January 31. For more information: (03) 517-0344.