Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of SEPTEMBER 27, 2013

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Great week for pleasant conversation, interesting meetings and enjoyable time spent with family and friends.

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
Try to put some balance back into your life. Lately you have been all business and very little play.
You are a fabulous friend and can be counted on twenty-four/seven, but someone you trusted may not be there when you need them. Trust your intuition and remember that not all friendships are meant to last a lifetime. Financially you are stretched pretty thin, but everything is under control so no need to lose sleep over imaginary worries.
HINT: When meeting with a fire sign try not to get drawn in by their magnetism and enthusiasm…you are the anchor and solid one in the relationship.
It is true that you continue working overtime and are always ready to jump in and put in that extra effort in order to ensure that the job is done well and on time. But this week you need to take a step back and give yourself the space you need in order to see things clearly.
Rather than keeping your thoughts and plans bottled up inside, make arrangements to meet with a close friend or business acquaintance you completely trust and run your ideas by them. Brainstorming is always good and this week it is also imperative.
HINT: Time spent with a water sign will help calm and relax you both physically and spiritually.
Over the past few weeks you have been thinking and planning for your future and by Monday of this week you will be ready to turn a few of your dreams into a reality. The people you come into contact with will have the skills and knowledge you need in order to fill in the gaps. Old friends may be too busy with their own lives right now so give them some space—you know they will always be there if and when you need them. HINT: This is the time to focus on your career and to harness your energy in order to complete some projects on time.
After weeks of nonstop running, the time has come for you to take a step back and relax and catch up on some much neglected paper work. Friends and relatives continue to be a strong source of support and soon you will be able to repay some of their generosity… both financial and emotional. A special person in your life makes all the hard work worthwhile. Take some time off to show this person just how much you appreciate them. HINT: It may be rather difficult cutting back on expenses this week, but don’t worry…you will have the cash to cover it when the time comes.
All your hard work is about to pay off and soon the tension and stress will dissipate and you will be free to lessen the pace. You have done a wonderful job and should be very proud of yourself…everyone else is! Money and financial matters continue to be on your mind as you contemplate moving or doing some major renovations at home. When organizing your schedule this week try to set some time aside for an older member of your family who would love some one-on-one quality time with you.
HINT: Your relationship with a Scorpio is much more pleasant and this is the time for arranging a meeting.
It is very difficult for you to relinquish the reins of control to another, but this week that is exactly what you need to do. You have done your best and the people closest to you know exactly how much time and effort you have put into making this project successful, innovative and refreshing.
Be patient. In the end all will work out exactly as you had hoped. Time spent at home over the weekend is just what you need to calm down and regain your strength. HINT: A conversation with a water sign will help steer you in the right direction.
Lately you have been surrounded by people who not only take you for granted, but have complaints and demands.
The only person who can make a significant change in your life is you alone.
When the time is right you will know it and when you have to make your move you will know what to say and what to do. When dealing with a colleague trust your intuition—sometimes it is better to remain silent and simply walk away. HINT: Pay close attention to your finances as slight delays and minor mix-ups are expected. Nothing serious but you will be wise to remain alert.
18 So much has been happening in your life lately and somehow your vision got waylaid under the weight of all the responsibility you have undertaken. Once you take a step back you will be amazed at how much you have already accomplished and how appreciated you are by co-workers and employers alike.
This is not the time for making any hasty decisions, but it is however a perfect opportunity for you to make a few minor changes in your daily routine which will enhance your standard of living enormously. HINT: Be patient with a partner and/or mate as sometimes they march to the beat of a different drummer.
The more flexible you are with your partner and/or mate the more you begin to realize just how important this person is in your life and why you chose them in the first place. Together you can accomplish amazing things. Your thoughts turn from money and finances to family matters and this might just be the perfect time for you to build a bridge or two between yourself and a sibling. HINT: Lately you have been pushing yourself too hard and the time has come for you to return order to your life. That includes proper diet and exercise.
Lately you have preferred staying at home relaxing as you continue enjoying being surrounded by familiar favorite objects and close family and friends.
Enjoy the hiatus as soon you will be back filling your days with work and social functions. A conversation with a water sign could suddenly turn into an argument. It will be up to you to decide just how far you wish the discussion to go.
Guard your tongue…once spoken you won’t be able to retract your words. HINT: Money seems to flow like water and this week you simply have to turn off the tap!
You have a great deal on your mind and sometimes it is simply impossible to keep everyone happy all the time.
Rather than worry about maintaining the peace, pay attention to your own needs and pamper yourself for a change. Money and finances have been tight over the summer but things are finally looking up so relax. As time goes on you continue to minimize the circle of friends who are privy to your inner thoughts and feelings. Not everyone deserves your trust and you have learned who you can rely on.
HINT: The latter portion of this week is perfect for any project which demands precision and concentration.
This is a good week for rolling up your sleeves and getting some serious work done. For far too long you have allowed yourself to be sidetracked by well meaning family and friends, and this is the week to change all that.
When dealing with a Leo remember that before demanding respect from others, this person always handles himself with decorum and treats others with esteem and admiration. Pay attention to your finances as you may have overextended yourself this month. HINT: If you don’t mean it, then don’t say it.