Starcatcher: Astrology for the week of December 14

Tip for the week: The fog has lifted, the sun is shining, make your move.

Meteor Shower (370) (photo credit: Itamar Hassan)
Meteor Shower (370)
(photo credit: Itamar Hassan)
Money matters are beginning to settle down and once again you have more control over your finances.
Although you continue helping family members wherever possible, you now are in a position whereby you not only can keep abreast of your expenses but have a little left over at the end of the month. Soon you will be free to make that purchase you have been longing for.
HINT: When speaking to a fire sign try to ignore their seeming lack of sensitivity. It is just their way and does not reflect on their feelings towards you.
Your relationship with a partner and/or mate is better than ever as the lines of communication are not only open but flowing freely. Together you can accomplish so much and once the feelings of trust and respect grow there is nothing that can hold you back. A great deal of your time is spent working and between your obligation to your family and your commitment to work, you have precious little time left over for yourself.
HINT: The time is right to take a mini vacation, three days and two nights, just to clear your head and help you recharge your batteries.
Feelings of insecurity and inadequacy that have plagued you in the past are disappearing quickly as you take your place and become a serious member of your team. People trust you and are happy to brainstorm and share ideas any time you wish.
Financially you need to continue watching your spending but nothing is out of the ordinary and you are abreast of the situation. Socially, you spend a great deal of time with old friends and soon you will meet a very interesting and special person.
HINT: Your relationship with a family member is stronger than ever and together you make an impressive team.
Time to roll up your sleeves and tie up some of those loose ends you keep tripping over. There is no use accepting any new work as you don’t have the time to complete projects you are already committed to. The problem is that you are bored and rather than procrastinate any longer, reach out to a few professional people you trust and ask them to lend a hand. Learn from your mistakes and move on.
HINT: On a personal note things are not progressing as effortlessly as you had anticipated and you may need to take a step back and reevaluate the situation.
You have come such a long way professionally over the past couple of months and as the days progress you are filled with a sense of relief and peace of mind. Although you work long hours, you find that you have more energy and are ready to socialize and meet with old friends and new.
People love coming over to spend an evening in your company and you are far less lonely than you were even a month ago.
HINT: Financially you may not have much left over at the end of the month but you are not in debt and even a little put aside is worthwhile.
After weeks of indecision, the time has come for you to sit down with your partner and/or mate and seriously discuss the future as you see it. Your hard work is about to pay off and in the coming months you will be pleased to see just how many doors open when you mention your name.
At home, your family continues to wait patiently for you to find some space and energy to spend with them.
Pay attention to money matters and keep precise notes of transactions.
HINT: Restless, you continue to seek new expressions of your talent and continue to seek new and innovative outlets.
You have finally reached a point where you can take a step back and appreciate all the hard work you have done over the past six or seven months. Don’t hesitate getting advice from the experts and when in doubt pay close attention to your intuition. As time goes by you are becoming more secure and confident in the choices you make. Your relationship with a partner and/or mate will settle down once you take a stand and send out clear and exact messages.
HINT: The end of this week is the best time for getting serious work done.
Lately you have enjoyed spending time at home with family and close friends. Not only have you begun to relax, but you are also saving money. Always generous of spirit and heart, you are the first to reach out and help a friend in need or a stranger looking for a donation.
This is the week to finally begin working seriously on a project which has been sitting on your shelf for far too long. People living abroad are close to your heart and soon you will find a way to spend time together.
HINT: A conversation with another fire sign will light a spark in your heart.
Not everyone is interested in your point of view and you must remember when discussing your thoughts that these are only your feelings and not necessarily true. Thus when people you respect disagree with you you will not take it personally and will be able to listen and learn. Time spent helping a younger member of your family is good for you both and you will be surprised at how quickly you accomplish your goal while enjoying each other’s company.
HINT: You won’t go to the poor house if you spend a little money.
While trying to make everyone else happy you may end up making yourself miserable. You cannot be responsible for everyone’s joy…only your own. So this time, put your own needs ahead of everyone else and stop feeling so guilty. A conversation with a sibling will help you get your priorities straightened out. Money matters continue to be a matter of concern but you are in a much better position now and with a little more effort will be just fine. Trust yourself and you won’t fail.
HINT: As much as you enjoy being home, this week you will feel the need to get out and mingle.
Your mind has been racing overtime and it has been difficult for you to organize your thoughts or rest properly.
As this week progresses you will be happy to notice that things are finally falling into place and soon you will definitely be able to make your move. You know what has to be done and how to go about achieving your goals. Professionally things are moving forward and although you wished for a smooth ride you are not unduly upset but the sporadic starts and stops along the way.
HINT: Your relationship with a co-worker is productive as you are now both on the same page.
As you continue working overtime, you have the distinct feeling that your life has become rather dull as you divide your time between going to work and returning home exhausted at the end of the day. You dream about visiting exciting people and places, but for the next few months all you can do is begin to put some money aside and hope that soon you will have the time and energy to take off and see the world. Try to pace yourself this week and get more sleep.
HINT: Time spent with a Scorpio is just what you need to put a sparkle back into your eyes.
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