City Notes: ‘Exhausted’ bird of prey revived in Acre

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Eilat (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The Acre Municipality received a report last weekend regarding a short-toed snake eagle that had been found in an “exhausted, apathetic” state in the Lily Sharon Park. A municipal vet arrived at the scene and, under the guidance of a specialist and expert in birds of prey, gave the bird primary healthcare and connected him to IVs. The bird was then taken for observation and was set to be released into the wild when his condition had improved, so he could continue on his migratory journey to Africa.
7% of businesses surveyed in Tiberias weren’t paying taxes
A bookkeeping unit from the Tax Authority audited 172 businesses in the clothing, footwear, construction, carpentry and gardening industries, among others. The audits showed that some 7 percent of the businesses surveyed were not properly registered for taxes.
Following the preliminary findings, auditors approached a cafe owner in Tiberias, who is also known as a moneylender. The audit found that he didn’t have a file open at the authority. The man said that he had opened the cafe only a month earlier, and he didn’t know he needed to open a file.
In a separate case, at a mini-market in Tiberias, auditors discovered unregistered revenues amounting to NIS 60,000. The case was transferred to the claims department. The operation was part of a broader effort to clamp down on tax evaders.
Canada and Israel meet in Rehovot to talk biofuel
This week, The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot hosted the Israel-Canada Workshop on Advanced Biofuels, where experts from both countries focused on binational collaboration in innovative biofuel technologies.
While Canada is a prominent producer of fossil fuel, it recognizes its devastating effects on global climate and is seeking to advance research in petroleum substitutes. Presently, there are 26 renewable fuel plants in Canada. Israel, due to its geopolitical situation, has always sought to reduce the dependence on petroleum and is now a global player in this field.
Topics covered in the workshop included feedstock production and upgrading; new methods of processing; policy issues; economics; and environmental aspects.
NATAL run to raise awareness of PTSD as a result of terror and war
This year the NATAL trauma center’s “Running in Color” event is set to take place today, with the aim of raising awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from terrorism and war. The run is to be held in Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park, and some 5,000 victims and supporters are expected to attend. In the past few weeks, due to the recent wave of terrorism, hundreds of Israelis have turned to NATAL.
This colorful event will engage and unite participants with activities suitable for both individuals and families. “Running in Color” connects body and mind, the color symbolizing the “transparency” and internal injuries of emotional trauma.
During the run and along the running trail, the runners will be sprinkled with colored powder, and there will be fun activities filled with color and happiness for children and adults.
Youth film festival in Lod tackles social issues
A festival of short films made by school students was held in Lod last week, tackling social issues that pervade Israeli society.
One film involved a stabbing scene, apparently influenced by the recent wave of terrorist attacks, though the motives for the fictional stabbing were nationalistic.
Issues covered in the eight films that were screened included racism, petty crime, respect and ego.
The event was open to the public, free of charge, and was attended by Mayor Yair Revivo.
Eilat welcomes first Jordanians to work in the city
To begin their first day of work in Eilat’s hotel industry, 172 Jordanians crossed the border into Israel last week. They were greeted by Interior Minister Silvan Shalom, who initiated the employment of 1,500 Jordanians in Eilat in place of illegal migrants who were previously working there.
“This is a process that will lead to the strengthening of relations between Israel and Jordan, the improvement of service in the hotels and the prevention of illegal infiltrators who are employed in Israel,” Shalom stated.
Eilat Mayor Meir Yitzhak Halevi noted that cooperation between Aqaba and Eilat is flourishing in many areas, including the environment, reciprocal visits and now in employment. “The more cooperation there is, the more the region will prosper and flourish and benefit us all,” he said.
Sderot marks road safety day
Sderot took an active part in marking national road safety day last week, with Mayor Alon Davidi and other municipality workers accompanying children to schools around the city and helping them cross the road.
Throughout the day, students undertook a host of road safety advocacy activities, including safely crossing roads and cycling safely. Activities included movies, quizzes, discussions, games and dancing.