City notes: Hof Hacarmel schools getting summer face-lift

Schools and classrooms throughout the region are undergoing face-lifts as well as safety checks and reinforcement.

Lake Kinneret  (photo credit: JULIE STEIGERWALD)
Lake Kinneret
(photo credit: JULIE STEIGERWALD)
Summer renovations are underway at educational institutions in the Hof Hacarmel Regional Council, ahead of the start of the new school year.
Schools and classrooms throughout the region are undergoing face-lifts as well as safety checks and reinforcement – depending on test results – on electrical systems, doors, windows, buildings, courtyards and facilities. Three new kindergartens are set to open in the area in the new school year, and the Galim kindergarten is being renovated following a fire that caused it significant damage last month.
The council is also in the middle of building a new Galei Atlit school at the entrance to Atlit. The elementary school will comprise 18 classrooms, auxiliary rooms, an administration building and a library.
In addition the complex will include a multipurpose sports fields with play area, gardens, seating areas and an amphitheater for school gatherings.
The old Galei Atlit school, in the heart of Atlit, is also undergoing renovations to enable a new kindergarten to be built in its place, along with a community complex for the town’s children and youth.
In addition, with the start of the school year, the ribbon will be cut at the new Ma’aganim school, which boasts 18 classrooms.
Campaign to encourage holidaymakers to keep Kinneret clean
The Kinneret Towns Association is launching a new campaign to keep the beaches of Lake Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee) clean by encouraging travelers to help maintain the cleanliness of the area.
According to the Local website, the campaign will begin this Saturday and will continue on the weekends throughout August and the ensuing holidays, on beaches around the Kinneret.
Vacationers who collect garbage, in bags that will be distributed during the “cleanliness operation,” will earn themselves credit for parking. The campaign will also involve public awareness events on the importance of keeping the beaches clean, recycling and waste sorting.
The association was established six years ago with the aim of turning the Kinneret area into a place of fun and entertainment for visitors and has been working continuously to upgrade the beaches under its jurisdiction.
It invests considerable resources into environmental protection, and keeping the water and beaches in the area clean. A team of inspectors from the association works on law enforcement and maintenance of cleanliness, quiet, safety and organized parking.
The Local website quoted the association’s director of education, community and public affairs, Yael Sela, as saying: “We hope the campaign will encourage the crowd of holidaymakers to maintain the cleanliness of the Kinneret and to take personal responsibility for their surroundings.”
She stressed that the Kinneret is one of the top tourism destinations in the country and that its maintenance is a national resource and asset and a common interest for the entire country.
Car hits and injures two pedestrians in Upper Nazareth
A man and a woman in their 60s were moderately injured on Sunday after being hit by a car on Aluma Street in Upper Nazareth. MDA paramedics treated the pair on the scene before evacuating them to the Rambam Medical Center with injuries to their limbs.
Woman fatally injured after falling from a height in Tel Aviv
A woman in her 40s fell from a height on Sunday in Tel Aviv and was fatally injured. MDA paramedics treated her at the scene before evacuating her to Wolfson Medical Center while trying to resuscitate her.
In undercover investigation, police nab 30 for drug dealing
Police nabbed 30 suspects on Sunday morning after an undercover operation that has been ongoing this past year in Rishon Lezion.
The suspects were set to be brought for a remand extension at the district court in the city.
A police officer working undercover as a barmaid in the city played a significant role in the investigation which uncovered that the suspects, who have no previous criminal record, were involved in selling drugs including hydro marijuana and MDMA.
Many of the drug deals were arranged in codified messages over WhatsApp.
Hamidrasha opens alumni postgrad exhibition
The Faculty of Arts - Hamidrasha at Beit Berl College launched its 2015 Postgraduate Programs Alumni Exhibition this week.
The exhibition will run until August 1 at the Hamidrasha Gallery - Hayarkon 19 in Tel Aviv, where nine individual projects will be presented representing various fields such as digital media, video art, drawings, photography and sculpting.
Organizers of this annual event say it gives a platform to the alumni “to showcase their talent to an art savvy, professional crowd eager to see what the new generation has to offer.”
Hamidrasha offers a growing number of postgraduate programs, including a master of education degree in art education, designed for art teachers and artists who are interested in advancing and developing professionally both as teachers and artists.
The program challenges art educators to broaden their role: mediating between young people and the institutional art world, and critically examining the visual plane in which we live.
The alumni exhibition affords visitors a glimpse into the vibrant contemporary art scene and gives a taste of what its future holds. Exhibiting artist include Aya Nitzan, Eilat Avni, Itay Marom, Goni Riskin, Jonathan Levi, Yael Barzilay, Yaffa Brenet, Lika Pilzer and Thelet Ram.
Youth attacks Ashdod MDA team
A Magen David Adom team that was called to treat a wounded youth in Ashdod said their patient attacked them last weekend.
The team said the youth, who is a soldier, smelled of alcohol and was badly bleeding from his arm.
The paramedics worked to stop the bleeding and prepared to evacuate him to the hospital. As they were taking him to the ambulance, he allegedly began punching the MDA staff. A medic was badly wounded in his face and was taken to the hospital for treatment. Police were called to the scene and detained the youth.
MDA CEO Eli Bin slammed the attack, saying redlines had been crossed. “It’s unimaginable that an MDA team that comes to provide medical treatment would be attacked.” He said the root of the violence must be examined and called on the police to bring the soldier for a remand extension until the end of the investigation, so that justice can be found.
Sderot increasing number of kindergartens to avoid overcrowding
Ahead of the new school year, the Sderot Municipality is working to increase the number of kindergartens in the city to reduce classroom crowding.
The construction of five kindergartens is under way, and they are set to be ready for use in the coming school year. In addition, four other kindergartens received building permits, and their construction will begin soon.
The latter won’t be ready in the coming year, but the municipality has found a temporary solution – the mayor secured NIS 650,000 from the Education Ministry to convert three empty classrooms to kindergartens and to establish a communications class for special needs children. Two of these kindergartens will be established in the Yesodei Hatorah School and a third at Gil Rabin School.
Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi explained that the aim is to have no more than 30 children in each class, so as to pay more attention to each child to understand his or her needs and to be able to invest the maximum in every single child.