City Notes: Safed in tune with klezmer

A round up of news from around the nation.

Safed’s three-day klezmer music festival will kick off on August 15 (photo credit: ITAMAR GRINBERG,GOISRAEL)
Safed’s three-day klezmer music festival will kick off on August 15
Safed will host a three-day festival of klezmer music starting on August 15. The festival will be held throughout the city’s Old Jewish Quarter and artists colony. Performances will begin at approximately 9 p.m. and will continue until after midnight.
The festival will include activities for the whole family, such as a “Klezmerim for Kids,” which allows children to practice using instruments used in klezmer music.
Festival admission is free and all performances are to be located within a five- to 15-minute walk of each other in the town’s center.
Once the festival’s schedule is confirmed, it will be posted in English on the website in-safed.html.
In addition, master classes with internationally renowned klezmer musicians will be held in Safed the week following the festival.
Galilee summer program aids at-risk youth
A program catering to at-risk youth has been set up at Lebanon Beach on the shores of Lake Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee) to provide assistance and care during the summer months while school is out of session.
The “Good Spot” project was jointly established by the National Program for Children and Youth at Risk, the Welfare and Education ministries, the Kinneret Cities Association, the Golan Regional Council and the Israel Anti-Drug and Alcohol Authority.
Under the framework of the program, running from August 15 to 25, youth from across the country are welcome to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and assistance by qualified professionals and volunteers.
While the summer vacation period can prove to be a difficult time for at-risk youth, the program seeks to place them in a secure environment at the lake, which serves as a main source of entertainment and attraction.
For the program, a large complex was built at the Levanon Beach that operates throughout the day and particularly during the evening and nighttime hours, where youth service professionals are regularly available. While youth-care professionals identify the needs of the children and adolescents involved in the program, they can also arrange further treatment and social services for the youth, if needed, upon their return home.
Electrical glitch sparks blaze at Acre mosque
An electrical glitch sparked a fire overnight between Sunday and Monday at the iconic al-Jazzar Mosque in Acre.
Police stated that an outside pergola adjacent to the mosque sustained damage from the fire, while the white-walled, greendomed house of worship itself did not. One person suffered from smoke inhalation in the incident, but there were no other injuries.
Emergency crews controlled the flames and, following initial investigations, police reported there is no suspicion of criminal activity in the incident.
Acre Mayor Shimon Lankri said the blaze had not reached the central worship hall, and that the municipality will provide any needed support for repairs of the mosque.
TA opens lending station for household goods
The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality has launched a first-of-its-kind, city-run “lending library” for equipment and wares of all types that is open to the public until September.
The “Tel & Take Library of Things” will serve as a space for lending and exchanging a variety of household goods and day-today items, such as drills, picnic tables, parasols, camping gear and pet carriers. All of the wares will be available for a symbolic donation of NIS 10.
The list of objects available at the library was drawn up with the assistance of residents of the southern Florentin neighborhood, where the pioneer project was established.
If the venture is found successful in Florentin, the municipality said it will seek to cooperate with other neighborhoods to create more such establishments to help meet the needs of residents.
Blind women a vision of beauty at Beersheba fashion show
A unique and heartwarming fashion show was held in Beersheba on July 26, as a handful of women strutted down the catwalk at the city’s Tevel Festivities Hall.
Yet while the crowd marveled at the elegant threads displayed by the models, the models could not see themselves, since they were members of Beersheba’s blind or acutely vision-impaired community.
Despite their loss of sight, the models were a vision of beauty as they sauntered down the aisle in various outfits accompanied by professional Israeli models.
The event, organized by the municipality and Lions Brotherhood of the Negev organization, also featured performances by Israel’s Deaf-Blind Dance Troupe and singer Ilana Man.
All proceeds raised from ticket sales for the event were donated to the blind community.