City Notes: Sexual assault crisis center launches WhatsApp helpline

Eilat (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The Haifa Rape Crisis Center last week launched a WhatsApp support and consultation line. According to the center’s website, this is the first-ever national pilot program of its kind, working on the rationale that it provides a channel of communication to those who may have trouble, either physically or mentally, talking on the telephone. The target group is teenagers and youths around the country who use the app as their main method of communication. In the first stages of the pilot, responses to inquiries via the new line will be available on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between 5 and 8 p.m. at 052-836- 1202.
Firefighters rescue kitten trapped in car engine Firefighters rescuing cats isn’t an unfounded stereotype. Firefighters from the Nesharim station in Nesher were called to Tzahal Street last week after a woman heard strange noises and wails coming from her car when she turned on the engine. It turned out that a stray cat that had sought refuge from the cold evening had settled into the engine space, and when the owner of the car tried to move her vehicle, the cat became stuck. Firefighters tried several methods to free the trapped cat, but eventually had to cut the car’s timing belt before carefully extracting the feline without causing further damage. The cat suffered superficial injuries and was taken by a neighbor to be treated.
Tel Aviv make-a-thon developing cutting-edge tech for special needs More than 100 people were set to gather this week for 72 hours of intensive work to develop products and solutions, using tools at the cutting edge of technology. The tools include 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC (computerized numerical control) machines.
The event was hosted by entrepreneur Stef Wertheimer at the Tefen Industrial Park. Participants were expected from all over Israel, including the surrounding Jewish and Arab communities.
The TOM event at Tefen was the seventh in a series initiated by the Reut Group in conjunction with the Schusterman Foundation ROI Community.
TOM is part of a new and growing global movement using new technology to develop solutions personally suited to people with special needs, enabling them to carry out everyday activities they could not do previously.
TOM focuses on solutions that are not currently available and existing solutions that are very expensive and thus often inaccessible. Previous TOM make-a-thons have taken place in Israel, Brazil, Canada and the US.
Coexistence at play at Lod night market Jewish, Muslim and Christian women joined together to put on a night market in the Old City of Lod this week. The market provided an opportunity for visitors to familiarize themselves with the culture and customs of various ethnic groups in Israel, listen to local music and try different food, including Arab and Ethiopian cuisine.
Mobile Zionist museum makes its way to Sderot KKL-JNF’s mobile museum “From Vision to Reality” made its way to Sderot last week, as part of a project to promote various educational programs all over the country. The museum was set up in a local school where, for a week, children from religious and comprehensive schools could take advantage of the unique learning experience.
The museum included topics related to the vision of the State of Israel explored through workshops, plays and films illustrating Theodor Herzl’s character and his vision of a Jewish state for the Jewish people.
Knesset dedicates day to Eilat The Eilat spokesperson described a day last week that the Knesset dedicated to the city as “successful.” This was the second time such a day took place in the past five years, and it comprised legislative committee hearings on the subjects of education, science and technology, health and welfare, Interior Ministry affairs and the economy.
Fight breaks out after driver hits dog A fight broke out Sunday night after a shuttle bus driver hit a dog near the Malachi Junction. Apparently, the dog’s owner got angry and began to quarrel with the driver. At some point, a friend of the owner hit the driver with a crowbar, causing a head wound.
The driver, a 52-year-old Ashkelon resident, was evacuated to Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot by United Hatzalah staff who had arrived on the scene. Southern District Police officers were also called to the scene and arrested the dog owner, a 29-year-old Kiryat Malachi resident. He was taken to the Kiryat Malachi police station for questioning. His friend had fled the scene. Police have opened an investigation into the incident.