Astrology for the week of December 30, 2011

Starcatcher tip for the week: Take your time…if you aren’t one hundred per cent certain, then wait.

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)


Don’t let past setbacks or failures hold you back now. This is your year to push forward, to grow and to achieve your dreams. You know what you want and when the time is right, you will make your move. Professionally you are working very hard, but the satisfaction you feel at the end of the day makes it all worthwhile.

HINT: When asked for your opinion, think carefully and do what is best for you. Not every question deserves an answer.


You can’t shake the feeling that although you are making progress it is far slower than you expected. At this time there is nothing you can do to speed the process along, so rather than getting upset and frustrated, go with the flow and be ready to pick up speed in the very near future. This is a good time for taking stock of your assets and debits and if you are completely honest with yourself you will be surprised to see how much the scale tips on the asset side.

HINT: Someone living far away misses you and soon you will make plans to be reunited.


Whenever possible, take a break from your extremely busy schedule and if you can’t find a quiet corner at home, then look for a serene place where you can enjoy some peace and peace of mind. Your family continues to weigh heavily on your heart, but you know you are doing the very best you can. Soon you will be able to take a step back and let them handle things on their own.

HINT: Be cautious with money this week as the need for retail therapy outweighs your sense of prudence.


You have an excess of nervous energy and need a healthy, positive outlet. This is the week for focusing on your professional future and what goals you wish to set for the coming year. You have a few options but nothing seems extremely interesting just yet. Take your time and reach beyond your safety net. You will be surprised at the results.

HINT: The more you take your partner and/or mate into your confidence this week, the better as together you make a formidable team.


Things are finally going your way after weeks of trudging uphill. You know what you need to do and are anxious to get moving again. This is a good time for advancing professionally, and the contacts you make now will be extremely helpful along the way. Money and finances continue to be on your mind as you fight to put something aside every month. When speaking to a fire sign pay close attention to what they are saying as they have your best interest at heart.

HINT: Tuesday and Wednesday are good days for pulling back and catching up on some much needed rest.


MAY 21 – JUNE 21
Problems from the past begin to dissipate and soon you will be able to move forward with your plans. Take a moment to reflect on the changes you wish to make in your life as you repel all the unnecessary baggage you have been carrying on your shoulders for so long. A relationship with another air sign will do wonders for your mood as you begin to realize just how much you both have in common.

HINT: Be patient with an elderly member of your family…they are doing their best even if it doesn’t always seem so.


JUNE 22 – JULY 22
You have to find the time and energy to focus on completing a project that has been sitting on the shelf for far too long. Once you begin you will be amazed at how smoothly it flows and how much honest pleasure you achieve from the work. Your family is
always uppermost in your mind and heart but now is the time for you to let go a little and trust that they will do fine on their own. Once you have backed away you will have the free time and space you need in order to enhance your own quality of life.

HINT: Energy put into your relationship with a sibling is not wasted.


This is the time for focusing your thoughts and energy into increasing your cash flow. Always generous, you seldom refuse an opportunity to invite a family member or friend out for dinner or rush to buy someone special a gift you think they will enjoy. In the coming weeks you will have to tighten your belt and curb your spending if you wish to stay solvent.

HINT: Take some time this week to communicate your feelings and ideas with someone you trust and then roll up your sleeves and begin to work.


This is a good week for all forms of volunteer work. You have a creative mind and will enjoy the challenge of doing something new. All forms of communication come into play this week as you will be busy in meetings and dealing with correspondence of both a personal and professional nature. Try not to waste your time worrying as although it will keep you busy, it won’t get you anywhere.

HINT: Your relationship with a partner and/or mate is high on your list of priorities right now.


This is the week for expressing your creative side and working on projects that demand a good imagination. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for you to accomplish all you have on your slate right now, and the best you can do is budget your time and begin checking items off a list once you have completed them. Your family continues to be a strong source of support, and is always ready to jump in and lend a helping hand.

HINT: Education in all forms interests you and now is the time to do something about it.


Trust your intuition and you won’t err as you continue making important decisions concerning your future. You have so much to offer and lately more and more people have become aware of just how valuable you are on their team. Before committing yourself to yet another project, take a step back and double check to ensure you really have the time needed to do a proper job.

HINT: When asked to voice your opinion, think of each word as an expensive coin. Less is more right now.


People are attracted to you more and more as they realize just how clever and just you really are. There are so many things you wish to do right now, but once you have your priorities straight, you will see that you are already committed to so many people and projects that you really can’t to justice to anything else. In the coming months you may have more free time and that is when you can consider taking on something new.

HINT: Not every friendship lasts a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t worthwhile.