Astrology for the week of March 23, 2012

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Good week for seeing the light- old ideas with a new twist help you find the path you were seeking.

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
You have so much on your mind and so many things to deal with. This is the week for taking a step back and asking a lot of questions. Don’t rely solely on your memory and try not to get aggravated at the seeming endless delays caused by bureaucrats who can’t understand your need for speed.
HINT: Right now you have fewer monetary pressures but you still need to watch your spending. In the coming months you will begin making plans for a long journey and the cash will come in handy then.
You are beginning to look at your life in a much different manner as you understand the reason for the minor delays and disappointments of the past few months. Everything has a reason and as the days progress you are finding answers to the questions you have been asking. The end result will be better than you anticipated, so trust the process and believe in yourself.
HINT: During the middle portion of this week your thoughts return to an old friend and although you miss each other the time has come to move forward. The Universe does not like a vacuum— once your heart is free someone new will appear.
Don’t let the quiet lull you into a state of leisure. There is still a great deal to be done and you will need to keep your wits about you. A conversation with a fire sign might be more than you bargained for but instead of getting upset, step back and pay close attention. The information you glean now will stand you in good stead as the weeks progress.
HINT: Plans for renovating your home or for making some major purchases should be postponed for a few weeks.
Professionally you have the feeling that you are not only at a standstill but that you simply don’t have the energy or purpose to focus and get the job done. The truth is that you have been thinking about what needs to be done and once you begin you will zip through everything smoothly and brilliantly. Your relationship with a colleague may not be what it was, but don’t make any major decisions right now. Collect your thoughts before you make a move.
HINT: Be patient with a sibling.
You need to take stock of your financial situation and wherever possible cut back on your spending. Unexpected expenses continue to crop up and if you are careful today you will not go into debt tomorrow. Time spent with your family is always pleasant and this is the week for organizing an informal dinner at home. Professionally you continue inching your way towards your goal and the good news is that you are enjoying the journey.
HINT: Plans to travel may be postponed but not cancelled. The delay will allow you time to get better organized and save a bit more money.
You continue to work hard but have the feeling that not only are you treading water but that you are losing ground. Take a break and regroup. In the weeks to come the pressure will ease up and that is the time for you to forge ahead. Your relationship with a water sign will improve as soon as you learn to be a bit more flexible.
HINT: Although you are not overly concerned about your finances, you do however need to keep your eye on the situation.
This is a perfect week for taking a breather in order to rethink your plans. Although this is not the best period for making important decisions, it is a good time for making lists, asking questions and double- checking your objective. You have high aspirations and, if you are patient you should be able to reach your target in time.
HINT: People are naturally attracted to you and as your list of friends widens, so does your feeling of accomplishment and worth.
Your relationship with your partner and/or mate is pleasant this week as together you work on a project which is important to you both. Family and friends gather and you are the perfect hosts. Financially you continue inching your way towards a better future, so don’t get discouraged. The time has come for you to search your heart and eliminate some of the things which have been weighing you down for far too long. Now is when you need to be working on what makes YOU happy.
HINT: At work think twice before committing yourself and wherever possible delay making a final decision.
Friends and relationships become important as you review what you want and who you wish to take with you on your journey. Some of the people you trusted have not been as honest or loyal as you believed. Rather than blame yourself, embrace the thought that you are not at fault and move on. Financially you need to take a close look at your situation and make any changes that are necessary in order to stay solvent.
HINT: Professionally you will have the answers you are seeking within the next few weeks, so be patient and trust yourself.
Things are looking up as you continue to work hard and reach out to accomplish your aims both professionally and personally. You have more energy these days and now is the time for making serious plans connected to your future. Your family and friends are a constant source of support. Be patient when dealing with a sibling and don’t let a minor breakdown in communication spoil the special relationship you have.
HINT: Take some time off to enjoy yourself with good friends, good food and good music.
Money and finances are definitely on your mind as you begin making some serious plans for your professional future. You know what you want but lately things have been moving far too slowly in your opinion. Back off and give yourself some credit. In the coming weeks all will fall into place and once again you will feel that you are back in control. In the meantime enjoy the quiet.
HINT: This is a good week for pampering yourself…it’s about time!
Money and finances can’t be avoided, but making hasty, unwise decisions can. If you don’t have the ready cash then don’t buy it. Plastic is so simple till the bills come in. you have many ideas and this is the week for picking up an old thread, adding a new twist and running with it. Old friends come back into your life and this time you are all mature enough to enjoy the relationship.
HINT: A relationship with an earth sign will be wonderful if you will just stop and listen.