City notes: Northern district police chief changes guard at a ceremony in Nazareth

Dep.-Ch. Zohar Dvir was appointed head of the district in place of Dep.-Chief Roni Attia, who retired from the Israel Police after 36 years of service.

WIZO LEADERS (from left) Jana Falic, president of WIZO USA; Prof. Rivka Lazovsky, chairwoman of the World WIZO executive; Tova Ben-Dov, president of World WIZO; and Ruth Rappaport, co-chairwoman of the International Council of WIZO (photo credit: KFIR SIVAN)
WIZO LEADERS (from left) Jana Falic, president of WIZO USA; Prof. Rivka Lazovsky, chairwoman of the World WIZO executive; Tova Ben-Dov, president of World WIZO; and Ruth Rappaport, co-chairwoman of the International Council of WIZO
(photo credit: KFIR SIVAN)


The Northern District police officially changed the guard last week at a ceremony in Nazareth. Dep.-Ch. Zohar Dvir was appointed head of the district in place of Dep.-Chief Roni Attia, who retired from the Israel Police after 36 years of service. Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch attended the ceremony along with Police Insp.-Gen. Yohanan Danino, other top police brass and various dignitaries.
Dvir, 48, served as a commander in the IDF’s Golani commando unit. In 1999 he joined the Border Police and was appointed commander of squadron fighters in a special Yamam (civilian counter-terrorism) unit; in 2001 he was appointed commander of the unit. In 2007 he was appointed commander of the Northern District valleys and was promoted to deputy chief. He was later appointed deputy commander of the Northern District, after which he was promoted to deputy chief and appointed head of technology and logistics.
“The size and responsibilities on the national level are clear to me,” he said at the ceremony. “I will work with determination and sensitivity within the law, for law-abiding citizens, regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender.”
Attia told his successor that there was no one more deserving of the role, as a man of the district and an experienced and respected commander, who he was sure would go on to further achievements.
Acre Municipality holds ‘Yes to sport, no to violence’ soccer match Under the banner “Yes to sport, no to violence,” the Acre Municipality’s security patrol unit recently played a soccer match against a youth team from the Eshel neighborhood, the Local website reported. The game, which finished with a 3-3 tie, was initiated by the security unit as part of an operation to give to the community in diverse ways.
The program operates four soccer teams, two in Eshel and two in the Burla neighborhood.
Yaniv Asor, director of the security, supervision and emergency services wing, said: “The wing is exposed every day to youth around the city, and the activities of the ‘Yes to sport, no to violence’ program pulls youth together and provides a significant platform for social activities.
Therefore, we decided to initiate a soccer game to get to know the youth beyond our daily work. The game exposed us to motivated and cohesive youth. The wing will continue with its activities for the good of the community.”
TA business owners hold events in solidarity with African asylum-seekers
Dozens of business owners in Tel Aviv held events across the city on Sunday night in a declaration of solidarity with African asylum-seekers in Israel, under the banner “Who are you calling a refugee?” Restaurants, cafes and bars hosted asylum-seekers and their supporters, in order to bring together people of different cultures and raise awareness of the Africans’ plight. Together, Africans and Israelis enjoyed Eritrean and Sudanese dishes and African music.
WIZO leaders from over 30 countries gather in TA for annual meeting
Under the theme “Building leadership, strengthening Israel,” WIZO kicked off its Annual Meeting of Representatives in Tel Aviv on Sunday, drawing organizational leaders from 30 countries to Tel Aviv. The conference was held at the Hilton Hotel and focused on strengthening the connection between Israel and the Diaspora, as well as maintaining the existing relationship.
In addition to providing leadership training, idea exchange and skill-building, the plenary also focused on providing delegates with tools for recruiting new members, especially younger women of Generation Y. The conference also addressed challenges facing women’s leadership in the Diaspora, and the importance of strengthening the Diaspora-Israel relationship through women’s leadership. Another focus area of the plenary was equipping delegates from WIZO federations all over the world with tools to carry the global organization forward, in an increasingly technological world and changing social landscape.
Lectures dealt with a variety of subjects important to Israel and the Jewish world, and speakers included: leading economist Prof. Emanuel Trajtenberg, who headed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s Committee for Social and Economic Change to address the 2011 social justice protests; Joanna Landau, founder of Project Vibe – Israel; former MK Dr. Einat Wilf; international journalist Shmuel Rosner; and Yoram Ofer, senior strategic analyst at leading advertising agency Adler Chomsky & Warshavsky Grey.
Bat Yam youth allegedly attacks neighbor with hammer Police on Monday arrested a 19-year-old resident of Bat Yam on suspicion that he attacked a 66-year-old neighbor with a hammer.
The suspect was set to be brought to the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court for a remand extension.
Police uncover hydro lab in Bnei Brak Police on Monday arrested a 49-year-old Kfar Saba resident on suspicion of operating a hydro lab at an apartment in Bnei Brak. In a search of the apartment police found dozens of plants of different sizes, together weighing 40 kilograms, a substance suspected to be marijuana, drug-growing equipment, and NIS 12,000 in cash.
The suspect was due to be brought for a remand hearing at the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court.
Families mark Tu Bishvat at Omer Park
Many families celebrated Tu Bishvat over the weekend at the Open Museum in Omer Industrial Park in southern Israel.
Activities focused on nature conservation, and children watched the play Mr. Zota and the Apple Tree and participated in various creative workshops. Visitors also saw Ilan Auerbach’s “Reflections” exhibition in the sculpture garden.
Giant new business complex aims to draw visitors to Yeroham
Yeroham recently inaugurated a giant events tent for companies at Yeroham Park, alongside a new overnight complex for travelers. The purpose of the infrastructure is to encourage companies to hold events in Yeroham; to strengthen the relationship between Yeroham, the Negev and the rest of the country; and to increase employment in the city.
The tent and infrastructure, which cost over NIS 2 million, were donated by the Conduit company, and every company employee is listed on a large sign at the entrance to the complex. The site will be managed by the Economic Company in Yeroham, and all proceeds from events held there will be transferred to the local council for the town’s development.
Yeroham Council head Michael Bitton described the partnership with Conduit as a “great blessing” for Yeroham.
The company hopes to draw thousands of visitors to Yeroham Park with the new tent.
Conduit CEO Ronen Shilo said that from the first day the company became profitable, it was natural to put part of its profits back into the community. He said that as part of the company’s Zionist values, it was decided to focus their energies on developing and strengthening the Negev.
Connections between the company and Yeroham were tightened last year after Conduit held its annual event in the city.
Collaboration between Shilo and Bitton led to the renovation and development of Yeroham Park, including the establishment of cycling and birding centers. They hope that other companies will see the new complex as an opportunity to hold business events, as well as a chance to affirm social commitment.
Ashdod man nabbed over post office robbery
Police on Monday arrested an Ashdod resident on suspicion of perpetrating two robberies at the city’s post office. An investigation revealed that the in the first incident, the suspect allegedly came to the branch brandishing a gun, robbed it of NIS 2,680 and fled. He then allegedly attempted a second robbery, but was caught.
The suspect was set to be brought for a remand extension at the city’s magistrate’s court.