Marriage process made easier for busy Technion students

Students at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology will now be able to register for marriage at Technion’s own synagogue.

Marriage process (photo credit: REUTERS)
Marriage process
(photo credit: REUTERS)
NORTH Students at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology will no longer have to go out of their way to register at the rabbinate in order to tie the knot.
They will now be able to save both time and effort by simply strolling over to the Technion’s own synagogue to register for marriage. This is the first time this service is being provided at an academic campus.
“The idea behind the initiative is very simple, consisting mainly of accessibility to the marriage registry for the Technion population – both students and staff,” the synagogue’s Rabbi Elad Dokow explained recently. “Instead of inconveniencing them by requiring them to go to the rabbinate at their place of residence, from today they can register for marriage at the synagogue in the Technion. We are providing the service in the same way as it is provided in any other branch of the Chief Rabbinate, but in a more fitting way for the student population.”
Added Dokow, a doctor of mathematics at the institute, “I know well what the lives of the students are like. Their lives are busy and stressful. For this reason, I requested that we make their lives a little easier by giving them the option to prepare for their marriages in a more accessible and appropriate way for them.”
He said he believed the process of preparing for marriage should be an individual experience, rather than a collective one. He also noted that instead of providing separate pre-marriage guidance for the bride, the synagogue would offer joint guidance for the couple, with the aim of building a healthy marital relationship. He said the service had just gotten under way and that several couples had already signed up.
Dokow predicted that as May approached, many more couples would register ahead of the summer wedding boom.
Car crash on Route 6 leaves pedestrian dead A vehicle heading north on Route 6 hit and killed a 25-year-old pedestrian last weekend. Magen David Adom paramedics arrived at the scene of the accident, by the Sorek junction, where they found the man lying on the road unconscious. He had multiple injuries and no pulse, and was not breathing. After attempting to save the man’s life, the paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.
Police opened an investigation into the incident.
Police arrest 14 in weapons crackdown operation Police said Sunday that they had arrested 14 people on suspicion of weapons possession, as part of an operation against serious crime and the use of weapons in the North. They also detained an additional 14 suspects and conducted searches of 95 people, seizing 10 guns, eight rifles, dozens of cartridges, thousands of bullets, 19 grenades, telescopic sights and two explosive devices.
CENTER Tel Aviv exhibition addresses sexual abuse issues through art An art exhibition dealing with sexual abuse opened this week at the Tel Aviv Port, ahead of International Women’s Day, which takes place tomorrow. Artists participating in the exhibition – entitled “Where Were You When It Happened” – address different aspects of sexual abuse through painting, sculpture, photography, video art and installations.
The exhibition opened on yesterday and will run until the end of the month. Supporting it is the Marine Trust, which managed the Tel Aviv Port Bekavod Fund-Reform Judaism Fund for Social Responsibility.
Ahead of the event, Orit Sulitzeanu, CEO of the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel, said: “Sexual abuse is a serious social problem that is repressed and silenced. One of the important goals of the Association of Rape Crisis Centers is to work to raise public awareness and social recognition that the phenomenon is widespread and common, and therefore we see importance in using artistic means to put a spotlight on the issue.”
She added, “We stand behind the artists who were not afraid to engage with this difficult topic to stimulate discussion about the various aspects of sexual abuse, through various artistic means.”
TA hosts international whiskey exhibition for first time The Whiskey Live exhibition came to Israel for the first time ever this week, enabling locals to sample whiskeys from around the world. The exhibition, which was held at Tel Aviv’s Meirhoff Gallery on Wednesday and Thursday, takes place annually in many countries, including Australia, England, Ireland, the US, Belgium, India, Holland, Japan, France, Canada, Spain and China. Members of the whiskey industry were invited to the event, as was the general public. The number of tickets was limited, though; the cost per ticket began at NIS 119.
SOUTH 2 arrested on suspicion of selling date rape drugs in Arava Police reported Sunday that they had arrested two foreign workers after finding date rape drugs in their car, which the men were allegedly selling in the Arava region.
Police caught wind of the affair a month and a half ago, when an officer noticed a car in the Arava moshavim area and thought the driver and passenger were acting in a suspicious manner. The officer told them to pull over, and while inspecting their car, he found a box containing pills and straws filled with a suspicious substance. The two men, both in their 30s, claimed they did not know what it was and denied that the contents of the box belonged to them. They were taken for questioning at the Dimona police station.
Following an investigation, the two suspects said the straws were packed with a date rape drug costing some NIS 1,500 per straw.
They further told the police how they had gotten the drugs and the way they had packed and distributed them among foreign workers in the Arava area. Police placed the two men under arrest and were expected to file charges against them.
Car accident leaves man seriously hurt near Beersheba A man was seriously injured in a car roll-over on Route 80 near Beersheba on Sunday. Magen David Adom paramedics took the man to Soroka University Medical Center in the city.
Police launched an investigation into the circumstances of the accident.
Eilat hosts Annual Ladino Conference The Annual Ladino Conference is taking place this weekend at the Leonardo Club Hotel in Eilat. The conference, which opened yesterday and runs through tomorrow, is aimed at preserving the Ladino community, legacy and culture. Experts and artists are slated to deliver lectures and shows, among them Dr. Gila Hadar, Guy and Roi Zu-Aretz, and Aharon Farrera.