Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of 3/2/2012

Although things seem difficult right now, it is simply because something better is waiting just around the corner.

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
Your thoughts turn to money and finances this week as finally you are prepared both mentally and spiritually to deal with the reality of your situation. Once you take a close look you will be amazed to note that things are not nearly as bleak as you imagined. Your relationship with a sibling becomes much more pleasant this week as you work together towards achieving a common goal.
HINT: Be patient with you partner and/or mate. You have a great deal in common and once you can forget the past and look to the future you will see just how important this relationship really is.
Changes continue to play havoc with your agenda as you try to accommodate both family and business obligations. This may be the time for reaching out and asking someone you not only trust but depend on to step in and lend a helping hand. Once you get organized things will run smoothly again. You might find it difficult relaxing this week as anger and frustration are causing you to be on edge.
HINT: In the days to come you will have more answers to your questions and only then will you be able to take a step back and relax.
This is the week for taking some time off and for mingling with people you enjoy and respect.
Your days are so busy and you have the feeling that there simply isn’t enough time for you to relax and forget the paperwork that is piling up on your desk. The truth is that you are doing an excellent job and everyone knows just how serious and dedicated you really are. Someone living far away misses you and soon you will make arrangements to be together again.
HINT: The middle portion of this week is perfect for pampering yourself— for once splurge…you’re worth it!
MAY 21 – JUNE 21
A situation which upset you in the past is easing up as you get a better grip on the situation.
Once you are able to look at the issue unemotionally, you will be on your way to moving forward.
Again, your financial circumstances must be carefully scrutinized before you make any further commitments. Be careful what you say to a friend or colleague this week. Once you have said it, you can’t take it back.
HINT: Problems with plumbing or electrical equipment are expected, so be prepared.
JUNE 22 – JULY 22
This is the week for you to begin expanding your group of friends and acquaintances.
For far too long you have been taking care of family business and ignoring your own needs. A conversation with a fire sign will be exciting but do not rush into anything. Take your time and check out all your options before making any promises.
Plans to travel are high on your list of priorities, but you may have to adjust your schedule to accommodate some new commitments.
HINT: Pay close attention to your financial situation before making any major purchases.
This is the time for expanding professionally.
You know more now what you want and need in order to be fulfilled and the time is right for spreading the word. There are so many people around you who depend on you that some days you are exhausted from just listening and problem solving. For the next few weeks take a couple of steps back in order to re-establish some boundaries which will give you the space you need.
HINT: Difficulties with money and finances can be avoided if you simply pay cash.
Little things have a way of irritating you more than ever right now and the best thing you can do is take a deep breath and walk away.
The people closest to you will appreciate not having to deal with your mood. The problem is that there is so much you wish to accomplish and are being held back by others who don’t have the same timetable as you do.
HINT: A misunderstanding between yourself and your partner and/or mate can be avoided if you each make a list and compare notes.
There is so much going on in your life right now that you need a full-time staff in order to keep things straight.
Since that is impossible, the best thing you can do is take notes, think very carefully before you speak and pay close attention to what is happening around you.
Financially things are improving and this is one corner where you are beginning to see movement in the right direction.
HINT: Time spent with family is always good.
A situation from the past needs taking care of. The good news is that the problem is much simpler than you thought and in the very near future will be gone and forgotten.
You continue working overtime and still find it difficult getting everything done. Trust your intuition and when the time is right you will know who to turn to and who to ask for help.
HINT: When faced with a new professional opportunity listen carefully to what is not being said before making any commitments.
Not all the people who smile in your direction are your friends and not every friendship lasts forever.
Sometimes it is best to take a stand and walk away. You are an asset to any team and soon will be inundated with offers which must be carefully weighed and evaluated.
Take your time but don’t wait too long.
HINT: You have been spending a great deal of money lately and soon that is going to have to stop if you wish to stay out of the red.
You are putting a great deal of thought into your home and home-life and soon you will be ready to make a change. When that time does arrive you will not only be ready, but will have planned things out so carefully that everything should fall smoothly into place. There are always little things that crop up just to keep things interesting, but nothing to worry about.
HINT: You are extremely creative and if you can find a pocket of time for yourself, try to put this ability to good use.
You are getting so tired of treading water but the truth is that you are not only gaining important information and skills but are slowly but surely making your way to the place you are supposed to be. The contacts you have made along the way are important as is your own good name and reputation. Take some time during the middle portion of this week to contact a friend living far away.
HINT: A disappointment today will turn out to be a window of opportunity tomorrow.
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