Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of August 3

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Take your time. Past setbacks become tomorrow’s blessings, so relax and enjoy the journey.

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
It is difficult organizing your thoughts right now as outside influences continue to invade your space causing you to make last minute changes in your plans. Don’t worry, things are moving in the right direction and soon you will have the emotional quiet time you need in order to work peacefully and confidently. Conversations with a sibling are important and strengthening the bond between you.
HINT: Every time you walk out of the house, you spend money. Leave your credit cards and cheque book at home.
There are so many things you wish to do but for every two steps you take forward you end up retreating one step and as the days progress so does your feeling of frustration. For now, you have to take a back seat and let things unfold naturally, on their own. A simple conversation between yourself and a Leo may heat up as you both fail to ‘get the point’.
HINT: The more you work on your own, the better as you lack patience when dealing with a partner and/or mate.
Past hurts and insecurities run deep and although you are looking towards your future, you still carry the scars from your past.
Not all friendships last a lifetime and with the passing of time you will come to know just who you can trust and who does not deserve to be included in your inner circle.
Although your financial situation is far from ideal, it is improving and soon you will be secure once again.
HINT: A course or two which will help you professionally is an option which should be carefully explored.
Careful planning and attention to detail is what is needed in order to stay on target.
Between your professional obligations and personal responsibilities, you have little time left over to work on projects which bring you pleasure.
Conflict at work is avoidable as long as you stay in the background and refrain from getting involved.
HINT: Before making any important commitments, read the fine print.
Social functions are always a drain on your pocket, and this week is no exception. You continue working long, hard hours and it will do you good to get away from your desk and socialize with people you love and respect. In the weeks to come you will receive an offer which will be beyond your expectations. However, you need to think things over very carefully before making your final decision.
HINT: Time spent with an air sign will be fun and enjoyable.
Although you are working harder than ever, you don’t mind as you not only enjoy what you are doing, but like the people you work with. Someone in a position of authority demands respect but doesn’t deserve it, but it is not your job to point out his failings. Walk away! HINT: Financially, your situation is much better now and this is the time for putting money aside for a project you have been considering for quite some time.
Don’t let past insecurities hold you back! This is the week for positive thinking, for believing in yourself and knowing just how special you really are. The people you meet now will have a positive influence on you in the near future so get out and mingle. Professionally you are ready to take on more responsibility as new and interesting projects become available.
HINT: Monday and Tuesday are perfect days for going out for dinner with a sibling.
Some days you have the feeling that all your hard work has been for naught and that no one appreciates you.
A natural caregiver you are always the first one to reach out and lend a helping hand and the beneficiaries of this entire largess are simply accustomed to taking and may sometimes forget to say ‘thank you’. That does not mean they don’t care.
HINT: It may be difficult for you to find a quiet corner at home this week but that does not prevent you from taking off to sit by the sea or any peaceful place you enjoy.
Your motto this week seems to be ‘start and stop’ and then start again as you are being pushed and prodded this way and that. Family responsibilities cannot be ignored and must be included in your very busy schedule.
This is definitely not the time for trying to force an issue, but rather for gathering information and letting the facts speak for themselves.
HINT: When dealing with your partner and/or mate try to remember that this person is actually your biggest fan.
Finally after weeks of dealing with the unknown you are ready and very able to put your best foot forward and make your mark.
Over the past few weeks you have met many new and interesting people; people who will make a significant and positive change in your life.
For now just keep moving forward at your own pace and enjoy the scenery.
HINT: Your financial situation is on the mend and soon you will be able to start saving once again.
MAY 21 – JUNE 21
Many people will show up offering advice but for the time being keep your thoughts to yourself while gathering as much information as possible.
You will know when the best time is for making your move but in the meantime listen rather than speak. Your relationship with a sibling is not as solid as you might like so for now respect each other from afar.
HINT: A meeting with an air sign will produce some very positive results if you are patient.
JUNE 22 – JULY 22
This is your week for pampering yourself and enjoying the knowledge that all your hard work is about to bear fruit and it is sweet and delicious. No one is more important to you than your family and you are always prepared to walk that extra mile to make sure that they are safe and well cared for. Financially you need to pay more attention to how much you spend but in the weeks to come things will even out and improve.
HINT: Take a day or two off to work on a project that demands concentration and inspiration.