STARCATCHER: Astrology for the week of March 4

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Too much information; too much emotion; stand firm and make a decision.

MAY 21 – JUNE 21
Not everyone you work with agrees with your methods and this week a conversation with a co-worker could turn into a serious conflict as each of you insists that the other is wrong. Take a step back and decide if it is really worth the aggravation. When speaking with an older member of your family, try to ignore old wounds. HINT: Sunday is a good day for arranging a business lunch with someone who is interested in forming a partnership.
This is the week for putting personal feelings aside and reaching out to your partner and/or mate. The less critical you are the better as you work to find a common ground that will be beneficial to all. Setbacks are expected where money is concerned, so be prepared to make some minor cutbacks on your spending. HINT: This is a good week for doing research as your mind is clear and you have the patience to search for all the little, hidden details that are needed to complete the puzzle.
For quite some time you have been working long, hard hours, and haven’t had much opportunity to spend quiet time at home with your family and close friends. Everything has been rushed as you have tried to blend your responsibilities at work with your need to relax with your loved ones. Tuesday and Wednesday are good days for walking away from your desk and doing something special with your family. HINT: Your sense of justice and fair play are well known and will help you achieve your goals.
When faced with conflict and turmoil, your natural reaction is to back off in order to avoid an uncomfortable situation. This time you need to take a stand and make some plans for your own future. For much too long you have been putting your own needs on a back burner while caring for those around you. The time has come. Be brave, forceful and resourceful. HINT: By the middle portion of this week your thoughts turn, once again to money and finances.
JUNE 22 – JULY 22
For quite some time you have been thinking of taking an extended vacation and within the next few months will put your plans into action. So many people are waiting to see you and finally the time is right. When dealing with a young member of your family, be precise, truthful and choose your words carefully. The less said the better. HINT: Professionally, you continue to work long hours and time passes very quickly.
Things are finally looking up professionally and financially. You have worked so hard in order to get to where you are today and, no matter how difficult the journey, you never gave up. In the weeks and months to come you will be amazed at the new and interesting people you will come into contact with. Soon you will also be able to begin to put some money aside and set up a new savings plan. HINT: Plan to spend more time with your partner and/or mate on Sunday and Monday.
Always a perfectionist, you insist on everything being exactly right and this week you are going to have to put in even more hours if you wish to finish on time. Not everyone you work with feels as responsible as you do, and some days tensions flare. Your relationship with a sibling is as strong as ever and this is a good week for spending more time together. Sunday and Monday are perfect days for staying home and recharging your batteries. HINT: A conversation with an older member of your family will do much to strengthen the ties between you.
When involved in an important discussion this week, pay close attention to what is not being said. This is the time where you need to read between the lines and gather as much pertinent information as possible. Only later, when you have reviewed all the facts will you be ready to enter into serious negotiations. In the meantime, surround yourself with the people you care the most about. HINT: Watch how you spend your money this week…retail therapy can be expensive.
A creature of habit, you are content following a steady, organized schedule. However, lately things are changing and you are learning to adapt to your new situation. Once you learn how to enjoy the ride, you will be amazed at how much richer your life is. Time spent working closely with your partner and/or mate will be beneficial as together you accomplish a great deal. HINT: No matter how much you try to put some money aside, there is always a new and unexpected expense that needs dealing with.
This is a perfect week for working on projects that demand a great deal of concentration, creativity and patience. You have the vision, the capability and the information needed to turn some of your dreams into reality. By the end of this week you will be wise to begin taking better care of yourself physically—start your diet, join a gym, take up yoga. Not only will you feel better, but will be amazed at how much better you sleep at night. HINT: Be patient with a Libra.
Money and finances become important as you begin making decisions as to which path you are interested in pursuing professionally. Soon you will have to make up your mind, but in the meantime, tread slowly and gather as much information as possible. You are in a much better position today than you were and as you weigh your options, remember to take your time. HINT: Your many talents and skills will carry you over any bumpy stops in the road.
Meetings and corporate functions continue to take up much of your free time, but as the week progresses you will be happy you made the effort. The people you come into contact with now will have a positive effect on the way you come to make your decisions down the line. A chance conversation with a water sign will give you much to think about as more and more you enjoy spending time with this person. HINT: Professionally, your good name and reputation continues to pave your way.
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