Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of July 19, 2013

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Things finally begin to move in the right direction and now is the time to proceed with your plans.

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
A great deal of thought and effort has gone toward improving your business or position at work and for the time being you have done all you can. Although nothing major has arisen, there is a shift in the right direction taking place now and soon obstacles which have held you back will either shrink or disappear altogether. You have done your homework and are ready to answer any question which may come your way.
HINT: This is a good time to begin an exercise program or to cut back on your calorie intake.
Your self esteem rises as over the week you begin to feel a surge of energy as well as a feeling of confidence and optimism.
For far too long you have been bogged down dealing with the little details of life, and now is the time to take a step back and get a glimpse of the broader picture. You will be glad you did.
Problems stemming from a breakdown in communication between yourself and a friend or colleague begin to ease up after the weekend which will help lighten your mood.
HINT: Time spent with a Libra will be pleasant, interesting and profitable.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! For the past few weeks you have felt stuck without the energy or motivation to make the minor changes needed to get on with your plans. That all changes this week, as a window of opportunity appears which can’t be ignored.
Not all friendships last forever, and it will be up to you to decide, whether or not, you can maintain a relationship now that there is a crack in your trust.
HINT: Pay attention to your finances and if you don’t have the ready cash, then postpone any major purchases. Retail therapy is nice but in the end the bills must be paid.
For the last couple of weeks you have had the feeling that you are pushing the pedal to the floor while remaining in ‘neutral’.
Nothing got done and whatever you managed to do took far longer than you had anticipated. The lesson learned was a good one and the changes you are about to make will not only have a positive effect on you but will increase the amount of respect others have for you. This week you will get some serious work done on an important project.
HINT: Take some time off to make a phone call to someone living far away who really misses you.
For the past couple of weeks you have had to put in extra time at work and between the long hours and need to concentrate on detailed information have left you tired and frustrated. However, this week marks a change for the better as things finally fall into place and, once again you will have the space you need to socialize and visit with people you particularly enjoy.
Money and finances continue to be in your mind as you prepare to make some major changes in your home.
HINT: Monday and Tuesday are good days for taking care of personal business.
This is a perfect week for new beginnings and for those of you who have been considering taking a course or two…now is the time to get the necessary information and register. You continue working very hard but enjoy the rapport with your co-workers and the appreciation from your employers.
Take some time off to socialize and, wherever possible, spend some time near water. The change of pace is exactly what you need in order to relax and get a better perspective on future goals.
HINT: Take some time this weekend to go over papers and get rid of things you really don’t need.
For the past few weeks you have been contemplating making a few changes and by the beginning of the week you will be ready to put some of your ideas into action.
Not afraid of making bold moves, you will be best advised that, for the time being, taking small steps will serve you better than making a big splash. A conversation with your partner and/or mate will reinforce just how much you appreciate and trust each other.
HINT: Before making a major purchase, double check prices and read the fine print…there is no need to rush.
Business, friends and meetings are accented this week and you may have to readjust your calendar in order to accommodate a change or two. You have wonderful ideas and the time is finally right for you to convert some of your dreams into reality. You have come a long way over the past twelve months and have a much better picture of who you can trust and who can be relied upon to brainstorm with.
HINT: Money and finances continue to need watching but, rest assured, you are definitely on the right track.
This is not the week to rely solely on your memory, but rather to take extensive and precise notes. In the weeks to come you may need them. Money is never out of your mind for long as you continue trying to balance what you need to do with what you want to do. Disappointment in a family member will put a strain on your relationship but not nearly enough to cause a permanent rift.
HINT: When making plans for the middle portion of this week remember to contact someone living out of town. You will not be sorry.
All the long, hard hours you have been putting in at work are about to bear fruit as both your employers and co-workers appreciate your loyalty and fine work ethics. Take some time over the weekend to re-connect with old friends over a cup of coffee in your favorite restaurant. Money and finances are still on your mind as you continue trying to save for a major purchase or trip. When speaking with a water sign, remember that this person is super-sensitive and has a very long memory.
HINT: During the middle portion of this week you will need to pay close attention to your calendar if you want to get everything done on time.
You continue trying to get your ideas across to those who are important to you, and as the weeks have passed more and more people are listening to what you have to say. Be prepared to answer some very complicated and important questions in the coming weeks. Your partner and/or mate continues to be your source of moral and spiritual support and together you can accomplish wonderful things.
HINT: Over the past few weeks you have found it difficult to find a quiet corner at home, but by Monday that will all change.
Always the first to reach out a helping hand, this past year has kept you hopping from one family member to another, problem solving and going without so that they could have what they needed. Now the time has come for you to cut back, catch up on some much needed rest, and work on projects which bring you personal satisfaction. Financially, you continue watching your spending but in the fall things should improve greatly, so hang in there.
HINT: You talk a lot, but say little except when in conversation with another water sign.