Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of June 10, 2011

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Take your time, take good notes, and take care to be specific.

• By Marallyn Ben Moshe • •
MAY 21 – JUNE 21 Easily bored, you change your mind as quickly as some people change socks. Take a step back and think before you accept a new project; commit to a function you really do not wish to attend and try to clear your slate rather than fill it up. It is true that money is always a consideration, but not being able to finish a project will not make matters any easier. HINT: Time to think carefully about who your real friends are and who doesn’t deserve to be included into your inner sanctum.
VIRGO (EARTH) AUGUST 23 – SEPTEMBER 22 Your ego may be bruised as someone you depend upon isn’t as friendly or accessible as usual. Take a step back and give them some space. If, in the weeks to come you don’t see a change then speak your mind. Tuesday and Wednesday are perfect days for entertaining at home. A small, intimate gathering is just what you need to boost your spirit. HINT: Money and finances are definitely on your mind as you have been spending more and saving less.
There is not time like the present to take your bank balance into account and cut back on your spending if you don’t want to be in debt over the summer. This week will provide you with the opportunity to share some of your thoughts with your partner and/or mate and together you can work out the fine details of what needs to be done. HINT: You have many friends and people who not only enjoy your company but respect your honesty and sense of fair play.
When in doubt, talk to another water sign. Together you will come to an important decision which will help you along the way. You are making headway both financially as well as personally and this is not the time for giving up. Professionally you are well respected and your opinion is appreciated and valued. Be patient with an elderly member of your family or a nosey neighbor who doesn’t know how to take a hint. HINT: For the time being you need to rely on your own resources financially.
JUNE 22 – JULY 22
The problem is that you are simply tired, overworked and ready for a vacation. Although you have things that still need to be worked on, you find that it is difficult concentrating for a long period of time, especially when you have to pay attention to many, small details. Take as much time as you can to simply relax and rest. You’ve earned the vacation. HINT: Don’t let conflict between your professional commitments and your personal needs affect your decision.
An undercurrent of tension is felt at home this week, and rather than ignoring it, initiate a conversation with your partner and/or mate in order to clear the air. You may not hear what you wish, but at least you will know where you stand. Things will definitely improve as the week progresses. As much as you would love to shut the door on your office and walk away, you still have things to do before taking a small vacation. HINT: For so long you have put everyone else’s needs before your own and this week it is your turn to be first on the list.
Some days you wake up thinking that all the weight of the world is sitting squarely on your two shoulders, but the truth is that you have come such a long distance and the light at the end of the tunnel is brighter than ever. Every good thing that is coming your way you have earned. Take some time off from your busy schedule to spend with an elderly member of your family. You simply have fun together. HINT: Right now your career must come first and friends and siblings later.
Your financial situation is improving and soon you will be in a much stronger position. In the meantime, an open and honest discussion with your partner and/or mate will help supply some of the missing puzzle pieces. People living far away are missed and thoughts of a big reunion are not far from your mind. HINT: Once you can put your ego aside you will realize just how much you enjoy being a team member.
This is a good time for meetings and social gatherings. You have so much on your mind these days, and rather than relying on your memory, take notes. And then remember where you put them. You have worked very hard establishing a solid reputation and this week you will be amazed at how many people appreciate all you have done for them. HINT: Your concern over a sibling is beginning to vanish as you notice a positive change. Plan to spend as much time together enjoying each other’s company.
The beginning of this week provides a perfect opportunity for you to not only pamper yourself, but to work on a project which brings you personal satisfaction. Later in the week you will be much too busy. Take a few moments to reach out to a sibling. The bond between you is as strong as ever and not many have the connection you both share. HINT: Don’t let past failures keep you from your goals today. You are a much stronger person now.
There are days when you wake up feeling that you have lost your purpose, but the truth is that you are simply resting from a long and hectic year. You will be amazed at all the options you have and soon will have to make some serious decisions. Your reputation is stronger than ever and you are a valued member of any staff and a cherished friend. HINT: Take some time off to enjoy your home and family this week.
Take it easy this week. So may ideas flooding your mind you may not be nearly as patient as usual and someone close to you could suffer the consequences. This is your week for being assertive, outgoing and energetic person, so reach for the stars. The time has come for you to get a special gift for someone special in your life. It doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive, but it should show a lot of thought and care. HINT: Remember that your past is behind you and can’t be changed. But, you certainly can do something about the future!