Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of May 2, 2014

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Good week for being open and up-front as you seek answers to some of your questions.

Meteorite shower meteor stars sky 370 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Meteorite shower meteor stars sky 370
(photo credit: Courtesy)
There are simply not enough hours in the day, and you will have to budget your time this week if you wish to get everything done. Friends and colleagues are more than willing to lend a hand, but it will be up to you to roll up your sleeves and do the job. No one else has the work ethic and aesthetic taste that you do. Super-sensitive this week to the needs of others, you may find yourself in a position to do something outstanding for someone close to you.
HINT: Time spent with a Cancer will be interesting and fun.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
Good week for keeping your thoughts to yourself, at least until you have worked out some of the glitches which have been keeping you up at night. Money and financial matters are much less demanding, but that does not mean you can relax and spend indiscriminately. Thursday and Friday are the best days this week for enjoying some quality time with your family and a few close friends.
HINT: It is better to progress at a snail’s pace than rush ahead in spurts. Your credibility will improve and so will your bank balance.
The time is ripe for you to put everything aside and work on a personal project which demands precision, focus and creativity. Your level of communication is high right now, so believe in yourself and get to work. Money and financial matters continue to need watching as unexpected expenses have eaten a hole in your savings and you won’t feel secure until your nest egg is a little larger. This is a perfect week for socializing as you enjoy both cultural events and a meal with friends in your favorite restaurant.
HINT: A long-distance call will make someone you care about extremely happy.
Your mood will once again be positive and optimistic as the week progresses. Sometimes wishes really do come true, so fill your mind with dreams and hopes. You will be amazed at how different you will feel. Your relationship with another fire sign is on the mend, but it will be your call as to how much you are prepared to “let bygones be bygones.” Be patient with a sibling. This person is so very busy at this time that they may not even be aware of how you feel.
HINT: Don’t worry about money. Soon the coffers will be full again.
No matter how much you try, you simply cannot avoid spending money this week… and not just small amounts. For a long time you have been able to juggle your expenses according to your incoming cash flow, but right now you will simply have to cut back a bit. A conversation with another earth sign may seem boring and not relevant at first, but persevere… this person will have some interesting information for you which could open some important doors in the weeks to come.
HINT: The first part of this week is good for socializing and mixing business with pleasure.
You have the feeling that all your hard work is not exactly in vain, but has not been enough to get you to the top of the mountain. Financially you are in a much safer place than you were even a few months ago. Professionally, you continue making new contacts and expanding your scope of acquaintances and clients. So be patient, you are closer to attaining your goals than you think. Time spent with a water sign is just the thing you need in order to relax, enjoy yourself and see things from a different perspective.
HINT: Long-distance travel is on the horizon. Check to see that your passport is up-to-date.
You have the feeling that not only are you in a rut, but for every two steps you manage to take forward, you must take one step in reverse. Rather than getting upset and frustrated, take a look around and hunt for the missing piece of the puzzle. If anyone can find it, it will be you. Professionally, you continue building a solid base of clients, colleagues and close friends.
HINT: Soon you will receive an offer that is too good to ignore. When in doubt, trust your instincts while paying close attention to the experts.
This is the week for double-checking accounts and for remembering that “too much of a good thing” may be the source of your financial situation today. If you don’t need it, then do not buy it! Problems from the past are behind you now, so rather than dwelling on your failures, look carefully at just how far you have come and what you have already managed to achieve. Your sense of fair play will stand you in good stead, as you may be asked to coach some people you know who are in need of help.
HINT: Take some time off to be with an elderly member of your family who would love the attention.
Although you face a few bumps along the way, for the most part the way is clear and you can begin to put some serious thought to turning a dream into a reality. You have been working so very hard the past few months, and this is a perfect week for taking some time off to pamper yourself. This is a good time for small, impromptu social gatherings in your home where you can enjoy the camaraderie of close friends and colleagues.
HINT: Unfortunately, this is not the best week for beginning a diet or exercise regime.
This is the week for biding your time and remembering that tact is not a bad word. There is so much you still have to do, and by pacing yourself the week will pass in a much more organized and pleasant manner. Interruptions cannot be avoided, but your reaction to them can be changed. Financially, you have everything under control and even have money set aside for unexpected occasions. When talking to a water sign, try to remember just how sensitive this person is.
HINT: Your relationship with your partner and/or mate is stronger than ever as you both realize what a special team you really make.
Sensitivity in all areas of money and finances can be avoided if you take the time to check out your situation and plan accordingly. Money expected may have been delayed but will arrive exactly when you need it. When dealing with young members of your family remember to establish strong boundaries in order to give you the space you need and try not to say yes when you really mean no. Your creativity level is high and now is the time to finish work on a project that is close to your heart.
HINT: Before accepting an invitation from a colleague, double-check your diary and make certain that you are free that day.
Finally, with a sense of relief, you realize that you are not nearly as sensitive as you have been the past few weeks. During that period you were able to tune in to not only your own feelings, but to those closest to you. The latter portion of this week is good for getting things done, and this is the best time for setting up important meetings.
HINT: You may feel a bit frustrated when dealing with your partner and/or mate as this person doesn’t have as much free time to devote to the partnership right now as you would wish.
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